How to Unlock Fast Travel in Last Fantasy 7 Resurrection

Final Fantasy 7 Resurrection has more than its fair share of large, empty spaces, despite the fact that it may not be a real open-world sport in the traditional feeling. Strong go also plays a significant role in games, allowing players to move quickly from one part of an location to another in a matter of seconds thanks to the PlayStation 5’s lightning-fast loading times.

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The Grasslands, which serves as the main building for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s next book, A New Journey Begins, is the first open-world setting where people may find themselves. Unfortunately, players wo n’t be able to use fast travel right away, even though it wo n’t take them long to do so, as long as they do n’t get too distracted by the numerous side projects that are happening nearby.
How to Unlock Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 7 Reincarnation

Players will reclaim Chocobo Piko, the fugitive Chocobo, and gain access to quick travel once they have arrived at Chocobo Bill’s Ranch and Chocobo Bill’s Ranch. After doing that, they’ll want to speak with Billy and therefore participate in a relatively straightforward culture around the house before rapid journey will be unlocked. At this time, people will also have access to some of The Grasslands ‘ side quests and strange jobs. Plants from the Hill, the first of these, you become triggered by speaking with Chloe at the house.
How to Go Quickly in Final Fantasy 7 Reincarnation
Players will need to start their map, choose one of the area’s opened waypoints, and then use rapid travel in Final Fantasy 7 Resurrection. These include cities and communities, activated remnawave buildings, and a number of other world intelligence areas that have been completed. After they’ve captured the country’s Chocobo, players will be able to visit Chocobo Stops. However, they’ll first need to locate and fix the prevents by pressing the Triangle box while standing next to the damaged mark. They’ll be able to travel to the repaired Chocobo Stops in Final Fantasy 7 Resurrection just like they would with any other quick-moving area.

People may arrive at their place on Chocoboback in some quick travel locations, which can save quite a bit of time in some situations.

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