How does Final Fantasy 7 Reincarnation navigate between Junon and the Grasslands?

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unlocking the ability to move quickly between two areas.
You might be wondering how to return to the Grasslands if you cross through the mine and slip into the next place Junon. You’ll need to perform a few things primary, including removing the temporary ban on returning. &# 13,
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The ranch located on Junon’s eastern side will initially require you to purchase the next Chocobo. You’ll be able to get new Junon regions after you’ve unlocked the Chocobo. You can climb specific surfaces and reach new heights with the claws of Junon Chocobos. &# 13,
Pick up the side search from the NPC Gabe at the house that asks you to rebuild the broken Chocobo vehicle. The” Stuck in a Rut” part search is a joke. Here, you’ll need to speak with Wainwright northwest upward on the mountain. Go there and finish the tasks he asks you to finish. You’ll receive the tools needed to fix the vehicle after completing a brief part mission. &# 13,
Bring them back to the estate and deliver them. This will make traveling between Junon and the Grasslands quick and easy, allowing you to return and complete any other jobs you may have left on. &# 13,
If you do n’t pick up this one up yet, it will take a while before you’ll be able to come back and get it unlocked. Later in the game, you will unlock other ways of fast travel around the world. But your options are either to do it right away or wait a while before returning to the Grasslands. When you enter Junon, we advise getting it right away. &# 13,
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