In Hong Kong, more beach customers are sought after.

To strengthen its business, Hong Kong wants more visitors from the island.
Taking multiple-entry permits into account for guests from more cities.
mindful approach due to prior worries about strain, homelessness, andamp.
Authorities in Hong Kong are negotiating with peninsula China to develop a travel system that will allow citizens of more cities to visit with the option of multiple entries. This aims to strengthen commerce, a crucial economic market for the city.
Under the Individual Visit Scheme, residents of 49 mainland cities are officially permitted to travel to Hong Kong half a time. Concerns do, yet, exist about recurrence of problems like resource depletion and squeezing.
Officials are circumspect, aiming for a step-by-step method to assess the effect on locals and the state’s equipment.
Tourism is regarded as essential for career construction, financial security, and social stability despite its difficulties. Visitor numbers recently returned to pre-pandemic rates during the Lunar New Year period, which is encouraging.
Discussions are continuing in an effort to rapidly draw more tourists from the mainland to Hong Kong. SOURCE: eTurboNews|eTN | Hong Kong Seeks More Mainland Tourists
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