The Thailand Visa’s provisions may become made available to more nations.

The precise nations that will be granted visa-free access have not yet been disclosed.
The choice to develop the initiative was greatly influenced by the China visa waiver program’s success.
In 2024, Thailand hopes to receive 34 to 35 million foreign visitors, which is higher than the pre-pandemic threshold.
With Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announcing plans to expand Thailand visa-free go to people of many new places, Thailand is getting ready to welcome even more visitors.
This comes after the recent victory of waiving permits for Chinese and Indian readers, a maneuver credited with boosting the Southeast Asian country’s important tourism industry.
According to Prime Minister Thavisin,” China’s visa-free program has helped stimulate the economy quite a bit, and we’ll continue to do this with some more nations.”
The news signals Thailand’s commitment to luring more foreign visitors, though certain details are still under wraps.
Thailand’s market is heavily reliant on the tourism sector, and the first visa-free program has already produced encouraging results.
Foreign tourist arrivals increased by 48 % between January and February 11th compared to the same time last year, with China leading the pack. The government hopes to receive 34–35 million foreign visitors by 2024, which is higher than the pre-pandemic report of almost 40 million in 2019.
Thailand is prepared to draw even more tourists, additional boosting its economic rise and solidifying its status as a top travel destination, with the development of visa-free journey on the horizon. Thailand Visa Exemption Will Been Expanded to More Countries | eTurboNews |ETN
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