Individuals share their opinions on traveling during Easter.

Throughout the class year, many kids travel. Individuals had to choose between returning home for the holiday because Easter falls days after spring break. Although Pitt does not have any religious festivals in the spring, students are permitted to and encouraged to ask for lodging from their professors, according to a school director. Students are encouraged to request an hotel or an alternate testing design during a religious observance, the spokesperson said. ” Sections are urged to not hold team meetings during religious holidays and to provide flexible work hours for employees who must go services. Individuals may obtain lack from class because of religious adherence” .For those studying Easter, this dichotomy is quite unique, and with playoffs upcoming, class participation is more critical than ever. Kaitlyn Siek, an undisclosed initial- time, is an away- of- position student from New Jersey who decided to go home for the weekend. Although it’s a short flight, Seik said it was expensive to travel both ways, and she does n’t enjoy traveling on weekends. The only explanation I should do it is because the flight is an hour, Siek said. If you live in California, the journey may get you there and back in a day, roughly speaking. I have to leave at 5: 00 a. m. on Saturday to catch my flight” .Siek wishes that Pitt would give students off for either the Friday before Easter, or the Monday after, known as Good Friday and Easter Monday, respectively. ” If I had one more day to go, it would be so much easier”, Siek said. Even though she had to return for groups on Monday, Siek came to the conclusion that the quick journey was worthwhile. Even for just a few days, she was able to see her home and her new pups. In the course of her travels, Siek made a point to ensure that no students miss any group time, especially with finals approaching, and believes that a religious exemption is not as beneficial as it appears to students. ” They say religious exemption, but you are still missing what is being taught”, Siek said. Andrew Freedy, an undisclosed first-year Catholic Newman Center support representative and Pittsburgh local, discussed how significant the trip is for him and his home.” It’s not about the presence to me. It’s about what we are learning.” ” This is the biggest holiday for Catholics”, Freedy said. ” This is a huge thing in my family … I know this is very similar for all Catholics “.Though Freedy said having off on Good Friday before Easter could benefit students, he does n’t think it’s necessary. Spencer Greene, a first-year scholar without a first-year degree, will also be traveling home for the holiday, but he and Freedy concur. For Greene, whose home resides in Oil City, Pennsylvania, the two- hr drive is certainly a major hassle. Greene said it’s essential for him to travel house and visit his family for Easter. ” Easter to me is celebrating home as a whole”, Greene said. ” It comes together as a family, and that’s how I celebrate holidays,” I say.