Recreational Marijuana is Then Absolutely Legalized in Germany.

A new legislation passed in Germany suddenly allows people over the age of 18 to use marijuana. Germany becomes the biggest EU nation to allow recreational cannabis thanks to this policy, which comes into effect on April 1 and allows for personal hands.
Following a contentious discussion about facilitating easier access to cannabis, the government made the decision to adopt this much-discussed law, which permits adults to possess a maximum of 25 grams ( 0.88 ounce ) of dried cannabis in public spaces and permits the cultivation of up to three marijuana plants at home.
According to the new rules, marijuana use in public areas adjacent to schools, sports facilities, and family’s parks may be banned from 7: 00am to 8: 00pm. A substance abuse prevention plan may be required for minors who find themselves using marijuana.
Moreover, from July 1 onwards, fresh regulation permits the production of drugs on a larger scale within no- profit cannabis clubs. These clubs are only able to have up to 500 people and are only tasked with growing plants for private use. As a way to stop an influx of tourists looking to like marijuana for recreational purposes without any issues, the goal behind these hemp clubs is to make sure only German citizens can get them.
The coalition government of Germany, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, claims that legalizing recreational marijuana may help to stop the growing illegal market for the widely-used drug.
On the other hand, many medical associations have urged people to be aware that the decriminalization of marijuana could have significant consequences, especially for the younger population. They referred to the new law as a “disaster” and warn of an unavoidable increase in cannabis use, largely among young people, with easier product access and a shift in public perception that will lead to normalization.
Medical specialists also expressed concern that the use of cannabis will increase and present potential health risks, especially among younger people, and that it has addictive properties.
Concerned about the anticipated” chaos period” beginning on April 1 have the German law enforcement authorities expressed concerns. According to experts, there will likely get a rapid rise in demand that will surpass the legitimate supply, since it will take several months for hemp clubs to get functional. The German Police Union ( GdP ), according to Alexander Poitz, a representative from the organization, anticipates that the illicit market will expand as a result.
Official figures for 2021 revealed that 8.8 % of European adults between the ages of 18 and 64 had used cannabis in the previous month. The percentage for people between the ages of 12 and 17 was roughly 10 %. SOURCE: eTurboNews | underpinning: Recreational Marijuana Is Now Completely Legalized in Germany
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