Jazeera Airways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Jazeera Airways, the first non-government-owned airline in the Middle East, has signed a deal with French cleantech company OpenAirlines to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. They will be implementing SkyBreathe®, the world’s leading fuel management software developed by OpenAirlines to optimize fuel efficiency across all their operations.  

The airline has chosen SkyBreathe® to accelerate its fuel program as they grow, in line with its sustainability goals to reduce, capture, or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases. It has recently ordered 28 aircraft of the A320 neo family, which combine new generation engines with the latest technologies, ensuring they are operating the most efficient flights. To further their sustainability focus, more efficient operations are also a strategy resulting in immediate carbon emissions reductions. The cloud-based solution will help them contain fuel costs while reducing their carbon footprint by up to 5%.

The software uses sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to automatically collect, analyze and compute billions of flight data of all the aircraft operated by the airline. It also gathers data from other sources, including payload, weather conditions, maintenance, flight paths, and Air Traffic Control, to provide accurate and comprehensive reports to all stakeholders. This allows in-depth analysis of fuel-saving opportunities and achievements through clear and user-friendly dashboards, 4D visualization, predefined reports, real-time insights, and custom analysis.

“Jazeera Airways is growing rapidly and recovering quickly from the pandemic. We needed a solid and experienced partner to support our growth as we take on new environmental and operational challenges. We are pleased to partner with OpenAirlines, which has a longstanding experience in fuel efficiency and a great track record in making superior fuel savings,” says a spokesperson from Jazeera Airways.

“This agreement is fantastic news! There is a lot of momentum for sustainable growth at Jazeera Airways. We are very excited to come on board at this time when it is crucial to take the right turn as aviation transitions towards net-zero carbon emissions. Digital technology is entirely part of the process and Jazeera Airways has fully understood the power of Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning to reduce its impact on the planet whilst still making a profit in a competitive economy,” says Alexandre Feray, CEO and founder of OpenAirlines.

About Jazeera Airways:

Jazeera Airways operates commercial and cargo flights out of its Jazeera Terminal T5 at Kuwait International Airport. The airline flies to over 50 popular destinations across the Middle East, Central and South Asia, Africa and Europecomprising high-demand business, leisure and weekend destinations.

About OpenAirlines:

Based on the observation that every year, nearly 660 million tons of CO2 are emitted by airplanes globally – representing 20 000kg of CO2 per second, OpenAirlines decided to develop innovative solutions to help airlines reduce their environmental impact and costs.

OpenAirlines has drawn on 7 years of R&D before launching its eco-flying software SkyBreathe®. Relying on Big Data algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, the software automatically analyzes the large sum of data available in aircraft black boxes to provide recommendations to airlines and pilots that help them reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In 2018, OpenAirlines continues its growth and begins the development of a new module, called SkyBreathe® OnBoard, designed to be embedded in the cockpit to give recommendations to pilots in real-time.

In 2021, the platform is completed by SkyBreathe® APM, an innovative solution that continuously monitors aircraft performance with an up-to-date view of the entire fleet health.

Today, SkyBreathe® is the most widely used eco-flying solution in the world. Its active community federates more than 50 airlines across the planet, including Air France, easyJet, DHL, Norwegian, IndiGo, flydubai, and Atlas Air. In 2019, its customers saved more than 590,000 tons of CO2 and 150 million USD.