Zurich Airport Deploys Self Bag Drop Installation With New Supplier

The launch is the latest in progressive technology deployed by the airport in an effort to provide a seamless travel experience

As the largest airport in Switzerland, Zurich Airport (ZRH) is an important gateway in and outside the country. To offer its passengers the best possible travel experience, ZRH has decided to integrate an automated baggage handling system to streamline the baggage drop process. The self-service kiosks are the latest in progressive technology coming from ZRH, which was named Europe’s Leading Airport (25-40 Mio. Pax) at the World Travel Awards for the 19th time in 2022.

Since April 1st 2022, a total of 20 self-service units are available to passengers at the airport. The first self bag drops (SBD) are located in check-in area 2, the other half went into operation in check-in area 3. The double units in front-loader design resemble regular counters where the baggage is placed on the belt from the front. Materna IPS systems are able to decrease the average passenger transaction time and therefore significantly reduce waiting times during check-in. The first airlines to make the new technology available to their passengers are SWISS, Edelweiss, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, other airlines will follow in the coming months.

In order to meet ZRH security requirements, Materna IPS has developed a highly secure intrusion detection at the SBDs. This system prevents children or unauthorized persons from entering the SBD system by monitoring the insertion area as well as the scanning tunnel and tunnel exit. If an intrusion – or any unnecessary object movement – is detected, the SBD system immediately stops to prevent injury.

“The self bag drop service allows different airlines to operate at the same counter. This increases flexibility in the check-in process and enhances passenger convenience by providing additional bag drop points,” says Roman Jung, Project Manager Self Bag Drop, Flughafen Zürich AG

With implementing this major project at Zurich Airport, Materna IPS extends its business activities in the European market and is expanding its international growth. The introduction of self-service units at ZRH marks a new chapter in improving the passenger journey at the airport and we’re proud to be part of this development!

About Materna IPS GmbH

Materna IPS (Intelligent Passenger Solutions) is one of the most renowned suppliers for airports and airlines worldwide, providing solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. The company’s range of services includes hardware and software implementations as well as service and maintenance. Its international offices in the USA, Canada, Europeand India enable Materna IPS to provide its customers with individual support and to respond quickly and professionally to market requirements. Materna IPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materna Information & Communications SE based in Germany. The Materna Group currently employs more than 3,200 people worldwide and generated revenues of 433 million in 2021.