Loren Martin Hintz receives$ 1,000 in traveling creating scholarships from the Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper, according to CVN Stone.

The 2023 writing scholarship was awarded by Karen Stokes MPS graduate Sean Horton ( Photo/Carvd N Stone ) The third-annual Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship is now accepting applications. What are the best lessons you’ve learned while traveling that you can apply to your daily life, and why? Milwaukee writers, 17 to 29 years old, are encouraged to publish an 800-word writing. ” CNS did honor$ 1,000. The annual CNS Loren Martin Hintz Scholarship pays tribute to Loren Martin Hintz ‘ award-winning career by traveling all over the world and documenting special people and occasions in words and photos. The scholarship’s main objective is to promote and encourage the next generation of go writers. The Loren Martin Hintz Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your abilities and possibly receive an award, whether you are an young columnist or simply enjoy traveling and writing. Steve Hintz, Hintz’s boy, contacted CNS to offer to begin the scholarship for travel writing in 2022. Sean Horton, a new graduate from Milwaukee Public School, is the victim of the second-annual CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship. Based on his 800-word article about where he would go if he could travel anywhere in the world, Hampton was given$ 1,000. Applications are available April 17, 2024, at 9am CST and may shut on May 17, 2024 at 12pm. In June, finalists will be revealed. In order to qualify, applicants must meet all demands :Reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 17-29 decades old and Submit one 800-word writing that fits the 2023 design. Software can be found at carvdnstone. web.