Malaysian commerce is convinced that it will bring in 27.3 million foreign visitors.

Tourism Malaysia, encouraged by a number of favorable circumstances, shows trust in achieving its ambitious goal of 27.3 million international visitor arrivals for the year.
The president’s reward for charter flight matching grants, along with the visa liberalization program and increased efforts to promote international tourism, serve as pillars for this upbeat outlook.
The country welcomed over 20 million foreign visitors next year, far exceeding the primary goal of 19.1 million, according to Ammar Abd Ghapar, director-general of Tourism Malaysia.
In order to reach the desired tourist flow, he emphasized the significance of encouraging more charter planes to Malaysia and acknowledged the need for expanded routes and improved flight frequencies.
Ammar emphasized the importance of the charter aircraft matching give in increasing flight speed to Malaysia when speaking to reporters about the arrival of people on Malaysia Airlines ‘ inaugural flight from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport.
The government’s dedication to the development of the hospitality industry was further emphasized by Tiong King Sing, minister of tourism, art, and society, who attended the event.
Ammar furthermore noted the significant effects of the Chinese traveler immigration reform program, which went into effect on December 1st, 2023, on inquiries and reservations from China to Malaysia.
According to’s report, there was a renowned 53.9 % increase in Chinese New Year email journey to Malaysia from China. In light of these advances, Tourism Malaysia intends to draw about 200,000 Chinese tourists each month.
Tourism Malaysia is enthusiastic about achieving its commerce goals and further establishing the country’s position as a top tourist destination in the area thanks to these encouraging trends and friendly measures. Tourism Malaysia is convinced that it will be able to accommodate 27.3 million foreign visitors, according to eTurboNews (eTN).