European Citizenship of Birthright to Close for Mayotte

Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister of France, has declared that the French government will amend the constitution of the nation to end the practice of heritage membership in the Mayotte department abroad.
Mayotte shares the same position as the departments of Metropolitan France and is one of France’s outside departments as well as one the 18 regions in France.
Although Mayotte is a section and region of France, its traditional culture is most strongly related to that of the nearby Comoros islands. It is made up of two islands in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique.
The Comoros Islands gained their independence from France in 1973, but Mayotte chose to stay under French rule, setting it apart from the other territories in the island.
Minister Darmanin announced that a major decision regarding Mayotte’s heritage French citizenship may be made while he was in Mamoudzou on Grande- Terre. He asserts that unless a person is born to at least one family who holds European membership, they will no longer be able to choose to become French citizens.
He claimed that taking such action may lessen the appeal of Mayotte to unauthorized refugees attempting to enter France and establish themselves there.
Following a string of recent demonstrations in Mayotte against rising crime, hunger, and multiculturalism that locals have deemed intolerable, Darmanin made the announcement. Also, the protesters have called for the right of people with valid Mayotte residence permits to travel to mainland France, a practice that is currently prohibited.
The home permit system may be changed in conjunction with birthright citizenship, according to Darmanin. However, the European parliament has voiced opposition to the request.
According to Minister Darmanin, changes to heritage membership will also be implemented along with the reform of the home permit system. Despite criticism in the European parliament, the plan is still being considered.
There are reportedly 320, 000 people living in Mayotte, which is about 145 square miles ( 375 square kilometers ), though some reports indicate that some French officials believe this number to be significantly understated.
84 % of islanders live in poverty, with a monthly income of €959 ($ 1, 033 ), according to data from France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies for 2018. Additionally, according to INSEE, about one-third of them lack access to running water and career opportunities, and about 40 % live in makeshift homes made of corrugated copper. SOURCE: Mayotte’s Birthright French Citizenship to Stop | eTurboNews |ETN