More than 100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza help shipping incident, escalating conflict.

Over 100 Palestinians were reported killed and more than 280 were left wounded by Israeli troops during an support supply on Thursday, according to Gaza health officials. A fleet of 30 cars arrived in Gaza City’s Rimal area, sparking a hungry panic among thousands of residents. The Hamas- run Gaza health ministry reported a death toll of 107, with around 760 injured, labeling the event a “massacre “.The Israel Defense Forces ( IDF) attributed the majority of casualties to the stampede and subsequent injuries from being run over by the aid trucks. Drone images released by the Army showed the enormous cluster around the vehicles, with some automobiles attempting to push through the crowds. An Army sensor revealed that military people also opened fire at the caravan, exacerbating the panic. The IDF acknowledged that its soldiers fired on Gazans who advanced toward men and a pond at a station, following the convoy’s section. This action was taken in response to perceived dangers, with fewer than 10 deaths attributed to Jewish fire. The army has stated it is reviewing the event to avoid future tragedies and maintain safe help delivery. &# 13,
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Top Stories &# 13, US President Joe Biden acknowledged the potential for the incident to complicate ceasefire talks. The UN Security Council convened to discuss the situation, while humanitarian agencies and officers, including the U. S. Defense Secretary and the UN aid captain, expressed despair at the unfolding humanitarian crises in Gaza.