Prepares the travel business for a surprise in New England

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This has been written by Riley Rourke. At 11:36 PM EST on December 16, 2023, CBS Boston reported. The travel sector prepares for a storm in the New England region. Boston is expecting a vehement storm on Sunday and Monday and the travel business is preparing accordingly. Both Delta and American Airlines are giving concessions for people planning to fly to or from the city. The vessel that was initially supposed to leave New York City on Saturday and head for the Bahamas was redirected and will now come to a standstill in Boston on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and then to Portland, Maine come Wednesday. Passengers were allowed to forgo the journey and were made available a reimbursement that can be used on a later cruise. CBS News revelead more info in connection with this travel incident. Vessel designed for traveling on the sea for pleasure and relaxation. Riley Rourke was the name.