Review: Bordo Mavi, the fishing port of call, is where you need to go. hear about

Could you shortly be hooked on Dubai’s fresh seafood restaurant because it is green, fresh, and supported by the 3Fils team? ” Since 1995″ Between the image of a fresh fisher cradling his capture and Bordo Mavi’s logo, that is written inscribed with that. Ersan Ylmaz, a famous Greek fisher in his native country, is in the picture despite only being in his first thirties. The Lab Holding’s restaurant collection, which includes great names like 3Fils, BRIX, and SLRP Ramen, is his first foreign island. So it’s not surprising that Bordo Mavi occupies a prime location in Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, appropriate next to 3Fils, BRIX Café, and BRIX Desserts. The region could just as easily been renamed The Lab’s Fishing Harbour at this time. Within the corridor, rooms have been slammed through to make room for Bordo Mavi. It’s then an enormous, stripped-back, light-drenched, open-plan cafe. There are large wooden tables and bare brick walls with lampshades in Bali fashion for party dining. Between the dedicated shop, coal stove area, and large seafood show, there are flourishes of greenery. However, the balcony, which overlooks the picturesque hull placid waterways, is the location to aim for. We’ve chosen dishes with flavors and flair from Turkey rather than the traditional method of picking a fish and having it grilled or pan-seared ( there’s sea bass, sea bream, turbot, dover sole, pomfret, scorpion fish, lobster, and more ). No, that are. Three Gillardeau oysters costing Dhs44 per piece, large salty morsels that are flame-coated to give a richer flavor than any other we’ve ever had. We enjoy the satisfying removal of the flesh from the skewers when we sample a creamy, sustainably raised, soya-marinated sea bass ( Dhs175 ). However, a shallow terracotta pot, which is filled with six expertly pan-seared prawns, could be a contender for Dish of the Month ( Dhs63 ). The shrimp are tender and so new that they squeak and bounce beneath the tooth. They are just begging for a food action and are surrounded by a luscious lake of rich Black Sea cheese, onion, and chilli flour, which is a 250-year-old recipe, we are told. Aside from the fresh rocca, tomatoes, Black Sea cheese, and pomegranate molasses, the tomato with red onion and basil leaves ( Dhs36 ) and the tomato with red onion and basil leaves ( Dhs36), both of their salads are excellent. Desolats are left to their own devices. The appetisers or main courses are far more delicious than the compact rice pudding or the thyme-flavored ice cream. However, as you might expect, we let the sweets sorrow go because Bordo Mavi and anyone involved in it have a nice, beating heart and are only hoping to get loved. And adored it is. Worth a visit if you want to consume the liquid metal from Black Sea margarine. The fantastic beachside harbor site is a fantastic plus. Every day from lunch to 11 p.m., Bordo Mavi, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Dubai. Call ( 0 ) 4 341 3844. @bordomavi. amplitude