Chinese Airbus A400M is prohibited at the Singapore Airshow.

European aerospace large Airbus, has officially apologized, following the information that guests from China and Russia were barred from boarding a Luftwaffe Airbus A400M military transport plane during the 2024 Singapore Airshow.
Military officers prevented many Chinese visitors from boarding the German air force helicopter during the Public Day of the airshow, many issues on social media allege.
A Chinese display customer shared a video where the person at the A400M entry asked to verify his ethnicity as it is a European aircraft. She mentioned that Chinese and Russian citizens are prohibited from boarding the plane. The visitor even recorded German officers reportedly pursuing him after discovering he was Taiwanese.
A subsequent claimed that Germans had literally attacked him, leading him to file an official complaint with the airshow administrators, citing “discrimination against Chinese people”. Foreign visitors were reportedly allowed to board another countries ‘ military planes.
Airbus issued a statement acknowledging that there were issues raised by readers regarding access to their plane. They quickly communicated and coordinated with the client and their Airbus groups at the present to ensure that the plane was visible to all guests for the duration of the event.
Airbus emphasized its dedication to pursuing socially beneficial cooperation with the Foreign aircraft industry and striving to identify channels of communication between China and Europe.
Airbus has secured a larger portion of the customer aviation industry in recent times, mainly because Boeing, its American company, has faced a series of developing problems that posed potential risk. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 encountered system problems, leading to fatal injuries in Indonesia and Ethiopia during 2018 and 2019. Thus, many commercial flights were taken out of service for nearly two years. The alternative model, the 737 MAX 9, even faced anchoring and production restrictions from US authorities following an incident where an Arctic Airlines flight experienced an in- flight blowout next month.
Brussels and Washington have long complained about Beijing’s reported extortion and monitoring of northern defense systems. The US has pressured the UK and EU states to ban Huawei from their 5G network, lest the agency’s tools turn out to encompass backdoors feeding delicate American data to the Chinese authorities. To date, no proof of the alleged skills has been made public.
The European Union and the United States of America have constantly expressed fears regarding Beijing’s rampant fraud and imitating of American military technology. The US has also urged the UK and EU countries to ban Huawei from being involved in their 5G network, fearing that the Chinese firm’s equipment may include hidden access points that could permit the Chinese government to take sensitive American data. SOURCE: Taiwanese banned from Airbus A400M at Singapore Airshow BY: eTurboNews |eTN