STAAH hosts yet another ‘Connect Hub’ conference successfully in Jaipur

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STAAH, the New Zealand-based leading hospitality solutions provider, today concluded yet another ‘Connect Hub’ conference in the country in Jaipur. The conclave was attended by renowned leaders and experts of the hospitality space, and shared insightful sessions on how property owners can better their business practices, learn to capitalize on the evolving industry dynamics and maximize their revenue. The STAAH Connect Hub in India was held in Ahmedabad during the month of August this year.

STAAH partnered with, RatePing and WINHMS for the knowledge-sharing and networking mega event that was held at the Radisson Blu in the Pink City.

The event was commenced by Tarun Joukani, Director – STAAH with an opening keynote, which set the stage for an engaging atmosphere. The sessions provided invaluable insights for the property owners, enabling them to leverage industry transformations and maximize the revenue potential.

Esteemed industry leaders from, Rateping, WINHMS along with STAAH offered their expertise in sessions, which covered a range of topics, including sharing Rajasthan’s Top 3 Market Insights, How to gain competitive edge – Standing out in a crowded OTA Market place, Maximize Data & Revenue with a Smart PMS,  Integrating Technologies & Right Distribution Mix.

“ STAAH Connect Hub, Jaipur was a great event. It was well managed and allowed for productive networking , making it a memorable experience.” Vishwanath Iyer, Sales Head – India & Nepal , WINHMS.

“STAAH Connect Hub was a great opportunity to connect with hoteliers to understand what their pain points are that technologies like RatePing’s Pricing Intelligence system can help solve” Jaideep Advani, Founder, RatePing

The event culminated in an engaging Q&A session followed by an exciting lucky draw where STAAH gave away smart android phones as a prize, adding an extra element of engagement for attendees along with a cocktail dinner and an informal networking session among attendees. Following the successful inaugural event in Ahmedabad, the STAAH Connect Hub is expanding its footprint to empower hospitality professionals to establish new connections, exchange ideas, and delve into the latest industry trends and best practices.

“ The team at STAAH  is incredibly modest, provides clear explanations for our growth, exhibits utmost respect towards everyone, assists hoteliers in grasping the product, and offers invaluable insights” Satinder Singh , Pearl Palace Hotels.

“The event provided valuable insights and proved to be a highly effective means of maximizing revenue. It was impeccably organized and served as an excellent networking platform for professionals in the hospitality industry.” Ranvijay Singh , Owner, Umaid Group

“ Our heartfelt thanks to STAAH and their dedicated team for the informative Jaipur event on October 17, 2023. It emphasized the crucial role of technology in today’s hotel industry, highlighting the need for ongoing investment to meet guest standards. STAAH’s unmatched product innovations make them a leader in technological advancements.” Aseem Parakh from Hotel Ratnawali

“STAAH Connect Hub in Jaipur was a highly successful cocktail dinner event. The invaluable insights and recommendations from industry experts are primed to be instrumental in driving the growth of India’s tourism sector. We are eagerly looking forward to hosting more of such events in the near future.” Shoaib Ali, National Sales Head- India


The STAAH Connect Hub serves as a unique platform for hoteliers, property managers, and industry experts to come together, collaborate, and gain insights into the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.




The post STAAH hosts yet another ‘Connect Hub’ conference successfully in Jaipur appeared first on Brand TD.