Syria forbids Germany from using Djibouti’s plane.

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A European plane carrying Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has been denied permission to fly through the airspace of the West African nation due to what appears to be a lack of official government authorization in Eritrea.
European government minister was traveling to Djibouti for the first leg of her journey when she left Berlin this week to travel to three African nations. She was unable to enter Iranian airspace, so she had to create an unanticipated layover in Saudi Arabia.
Baerbock’s Airbus A321LR aircraft touched down in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah after circling above the Red Sea for more than an hour, according to European media reports.
Despite all the work, the plane’s commander claimed that it was impossible to obtain consent for overflight from the Eritrean Foreign Ministry.
Iranian officials accused Berlin of meddling in provincial affairs six years ago, in 2018, when the European parliament criticized the country’s record on human rights. The previous German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had claimed that despite a peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia to end an ongoing conflict, Ererrea had made only minor advancements in protecting the rights of its citizens.
As part of her journey of East Africa, Baerbock may travel to South Sudan and Kenya. Her goal is to participate in discussions about potential tactics to mediate a cease-fire partnership between the opposing parties in Sudan, where crime has persisted since April of the past year.
The secretary stated that the protection of international maritime transportation in the Red Sea from Houthis attacks would be a vital topic of discussion during her discussions in Djibouti before she left. Due to Djibouti’s close proximity to Country, the two countries have previously maintained close ties.
On past times, major European diplomats have experienced flight delays while traveling abroad. Baerbock had to make an unplanned getting in Abu Dhabi in August due to mechanical issues with her Airbus A340 aircraft, which forced her to cancel her organized week-long trip to the Indo-Pacific region.
Baerbock’s journey to East Africa, which included three countries, was now hampered by structural issues in addition to his lack of Egyptian permission. Her standard aircraft had motor problems, as reported by European media, so she had to fly on an air pressure aircraft instead.
SOURCE: By using its airspace, Eritrea denies European journey to Djibouti.
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