Guatemala experienced a powerful earthquake

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The Santa Rosa Department in Guatemala was recently shaken by a 6.1 % disaster. Cuilapa serves as the department’s money town.
At 11.52 PM PST, an earthquake with a level of 118,9 miles was recorded.
There are 41, 359 people living in the Guatemalan area of Cuilapa, also known as Santa Rosa. It serves as both the managerial center for the neighboring town of Cuilapa and the money of the Santa Rosa department. The geographic centre of the Americas is marked by Cuilapa.
7 miles NW of Taxisco, Guatemala, there was a 6.1 magnitude disaster.
Taxisco is a city and town in the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala. Its floor region is 181.9 square miles and it is situated close to the Pacific Ocean.
If the earthquake’s site is powerful enough to have resulted in significant damages or injuries, it is unclear. Guatemala experienced a significant quake, according to eTurboNews| tTN