The 2023 Prince of Travel Awards victors!

You’ve all had the chance to vote in the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards, the fifth book of our yearly honours to honor superiority in go, kindness, commitment plans, and credit cards, during the month of December. The 2023 Prince of Travel Award winners in each of the 30 prize groups, as well as some opinions and impressions regarding the outcomes, are being announced with excitement. American Express Platinum Card is the best credit card for general travel rewards, according to Credit CardWinner.
The American Express Platinum Card has once again been recognized as the Best Total Travel Rewards Credit Card. With 35 % of the vote, it won, with the American Express Cobalt Card and the TD® Aeroplan Visa Infinite* Card coming in second and second, respectively. Unrestricted club entry, Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts, a$ 200 quarterly travel credit, and the fresh$ 200 monthly dining funds are among the many advantages this American credit card offers customers. The extensive perks, generous welcome bonus, and priceless American Express Membership Rewards points were sufficient to keep this card at the top of the list even though its annual fee increased this year from$ 699 to$ 799. The best credit cards with no annual fee is the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Card.
The CIBC Aeroplan Visa Card has once again won this group with a vote share of more than 40 %. It’s a great entry-level credit card for people looking to earn Aeroplan positions without incurring any fees year after year because there is n’t an annual fee for it and it is the only co-branded Visa card in Canada. In fact, it shows how highly the group values Aeroplan points in comparison to cashback and another points-based currencies. Additionally, when the airlines price out at the lower end of the powerful band, customers can take advantage of preferred charges on Air Canada Aeroplan redemptions. TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card: Best Airline Credit CardWinner
The TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card was chosen as Canada’s Best Airline Credit Card with more than 58 % of the vote because it is one of their flagship credit card products. Additionally, it is one that we advise for all American travelers, but particularly for anyone who frequents Air Canada. Fantastic welcome bonuses were available on the cards in 2023, some of which were at all-time highs or included a first-year monthly charge rebate. The card’s completely first checked case on Air Canada flights can result in significant savings over the course of the season, especially for families, and its 1.5x making level in important categories makes it a great card to use for regular spending. Check out the current offer, which expires on January 3, 2024, if you have n’t already added this card to your wallet. Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card: Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit CardWinner
As the best American supplier of vacation credit cards without foreign transaction fees, Scotiabank swept the pulpit in this category. With 56 % of the vote, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card was chosen as the best card available for cards without foreign transaction fees. As one of the card’s continued benefits, cardholders can also benefit from six complimentary lounge visits and comprehensive insurance coverage. It’ll be interesting to see if any other American institutions notice Scotiabank’s supremacy in this market and engage in some opposition in 2024. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card is the best cards to use until finally if you want to conduct business abroad. American Express Platinum Card: Best Premium Credit CardWinner
With just over 46 % of the votes cast, the American Express Platinum Card has been named the best-in-show at the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards for the next time this year. Premium credit cards have higher monthly charges and a number of benefits to help make up for the additional costs. When it comes to extra benefits for users, the Amex Platinum Card is still in the result. Cardholders can use the yearly$ 200 travel and dining credits and lucrative Amex Offers to find value throughout the year, despite the annual fee of$ 799. Anyone who purchases funds fares for enterprise class or First Class can benefit from the International Airline Program. For frequent travelers, it can be challenging to find a big airport without at least one cafe that you can get. American Express Business Platinum Card: Best Small Business Travel Rewards Credit CardWinner
This group is easily won by American Express ‘ Business Platinum Card, which provides travelers with priceless benefits like unrestricted club entry, a$ 200 traveling credit, and Marriott Gold status. Additionally, it makes a strong candidate for non-categorized company investing because it consistently earns 1.25x MR factors across all categories. The American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card, which has travel rewards that are probably weaker than those of the Business Platinum, comes in a distant second area, as it did last time. The Amex Aeroplan Business Reserve Card, nevertheless, is unquestionably a beneficial opportunity to take into account for the business user looking for Maple Leaf Lounge exposure and special privileges with Air Canada. It’s important to note that the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Business came in third this year, possibly as a result of its 1.25x bottom making rate and the higher rate at which it can recoup Avian points for flights in company class. CIBC Dividend ® Visa Infinite* Card is the Best Cash Back Credit CardWinner.
There are several very dynamic players in Canada’s money back credit card market, but none of them have a clear winner. It was a fairly close race this time, as we’ve seen in past times. The CIBC Dividend ® Visa Infinite* Card, which received 23 % of the votes, is at the top this year. This cash back card has been named Canada’s best because it offers a 4 % return on available gas, EV charging, and grocery purchases, as well as an insurance package that is very comprehensive. The Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite Card, the winner from last year, came in second with 22 % of the vote. The SimplyCash Preferred Card from American Express and the recently updated Rogers World Elite Mastercard were tied for third place, with the latter just ahead. Our findings highlight the fierce competition for money up cards in Canada once more, and maybe 2024 will fan the flames even more. WestJet RBC ® World Elite Mastercard is the best overall card winner.
The best place for Canada’s Best General Mastercard was up for grabs in 2023 because new uses for the HSBC World Elite MasterCard were prohibited as of the fall of that year. The WestJet RBC ® World Elite Mastercard, the runner-up from last year, took first place this year with 25.9 % of the vote, trailing only the soon-to-arrive, MBNA Rewards, which garnered 24.5 %. The WestJet RBC ® World Elite Mastercard is a must-have for anyone who flies with Southwest Airlines thanks to its yearly companion voucher, free first checked bags on flights operated by the airline, and the late-year debut of the record-high welcome bonus. With MBNA Benefits hinting that people will be able to exchange points to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan in 2024, it’ll be interesting to see how this group develops the following month. Additionally, if the card’s temporary campaign for earning 5x MBNA Benefits points at wholesalers like Costco is made permanent, the competition for French Mastercard products may intensify. TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card is the Best General Visa Credit CardWinner.
The TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card when suddenly reigns supreme as Canada’s Best General Visa Credit Card in the Prince of Travel Awards, winning by a landslide. Its good welcome bonus, 1.5x type earning rates, widespread popularity, preferred charges on Air Canada Aeroplan redemptions,$ 100 NEXUS credit, and reliable travel insurance, including on AeroPlan redemption, can be blamed for its dominance in this category. The TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite* Card is the Best Credit Card for Travel InsuranceWinner.
The TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite* Card was chosen as the Best Credit Card for Travel Insurance in one of our fresh classes this year, receiving 36.5 % of the vote. With 20.2 % of the vote as opposed to the latter’s 20 %, the National Bank World Elite Mastercard defeated the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card in a close race for second place. For those under 65, the TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite* Card’s insurance package includes up to 21 weeks of$ 2, 000, 000 worth of travel health insurance, and for those 65 and older, it includes four times. Additionally, there is a total of$ 1, 000 for lost, stolen, or delayed luggage in addition to up to$ 500 in flight delay insurance and trip cancellation and interruption insurance for individuals. It’s important to keep in mind that honor vacation booked with the cards is not insured, so we advise including the National Bank World Elite Mastercard in your movement for those tickets. American Express Platinum Card: The Best Credit Card for Regular Leaflets
The American Express Platinum Card has once again surpassed the opposition, this occasion as Canada’s Best Payment Card for Regular Flyers. Due to the regular factors—unlimited club access, extremely powerful travel insurance, Amex Offers, and more—which contribute to this card’s excellence as one of the best in Canada, this should come as no surprise. American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card is the best credit cards winner for airlines.
There is undoubtedly no lack of credit cards with Aeroplan co-branding in Canada, but there is only space for one at the top of the list for the Prince of Travel Awards. The TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card came in second with 27.7 % of votes, while the American Express aeroplan Reserve Card received 30.5 % of the vote this year. Unlimited Maple Leaf Lounge exposure, vehicle rewards for unused SQM and eUpgrades, 3x details on purchases made with Air Canada and Aero Canada Vacations are just a few of the significant advantages the Amex Aeroplan Reserve Card offers to the company’s most loyal customers and frequent flyers. Make sure to add one of the premium Aeroplan credit cards to your wallet if you’re vying for Elite Status because you wo n’t be able to access it without one. Scotiabank Gold American Express Card is the Best Picture + Credit CardWinner.
Scene+, which is arguably Canada’s best and most flexible fixed-value points program ( more on that below ), has recently gained popularity in the Canadian loyalty space. With 33.5 % of the vote this year, compared to the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card’s 31.3 percent, it defeated the latter as the Best Picture + Credit Card in Canada. This card is a must-have for anyone looking to quickly add to their Scene + balance and reduce their foreign spending because it has an outstanding 5–6 % earning rate at grocery stores, no foreign transaction fees, access to Amex Offers, and an extremely low annual income requirement of$ 12, 000. American Express Cobalt CardWinner: The Best Cards for Express Credit Card
The American Express Cobalt Card has been one of the best pound-for-pound credit accounts available ever since it made its debut in Canada in 2017. You have decisively chosen it as Canada’s Best American Express Credit Card for the year. Since the important MR factors can be transferred to numerous airline and hotel partners, no other cards can meet its 5x making level at grocery stores, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, you wo n’t need to break the bank to increase your MR balance with a fair monthly fee. In fact, we recommend this card to every Canadian traveler, and we do n’t think that will change anytime soon. Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card is the Best Credit Card for Hotel StaysWinner.
The winner of this category should come as no surprise in Canada because we do n’t have the same variety of hotel co-branded credit cards as our southern neighbors. The best hotel payment cards in Canada is still the Hotel Bonvoy American Express Card. You’ll receive a Free Night Award fair 35, 000 points annually as well as an attractive earning price for staying at Marriott hotels if you have one. In the coming years, it would be fantastic to see some more competition in this area, but until then, there is n’t likely to be any changes. Best Transferable Points CurrencyWinner: American Express Membership Rewards for Travel, Hospitality, and Loyalty Programs
American Express Membership Rewards is the shoo-in to become Canada’s Best Transferable Points Currency, as we’ve seen in times before. With the widest selection of flight and hotel programs available, this expected outcome confirms that American Express continues to dominate the applicable points dollar landscape in Canada. It’s important to note that the impending acquisition of HSBC Canada by RBC jeopardizes the future of the Canadian convertible points currency known as the Rewards points. However, it’s possible that MBNA Rewards will replace existing transferable points as money in 2024, which is a absolutely advantageous development. CurrencyWinner: Picture + Best Set- Value Points
Currency with set price points is a useful tool to have in your entire items plan. They can be especially helpful for reducing the price of items that are otherwise challenging to book through loyalty programs, such as boutique hotels, separate flights, car rentals, and vacations. Image + has received nearly half of the votes to be chosen as Canada’s Best Fixed-Value Points Currency for the second time in a row. Scene + is notable for its ability to make travel reservations with any vendor and then use items at a predetermined rate of one cent per point to immediately deduct travel costs. You do n’t need to use a specific portal or jump through any hoops to book anything you want and earn points in the process. Aeroplan’s Best Airport Loyalty ProgramWinner
As we’ve previously seen, Aeroplan emerges as the Best Airport Loyalty Program, far outpacing the contest. People can redeem points for flights in market and premium houses all over the world and have access to more than 40 airlines. In addition to some other programs, Aeroplan provides its members with a wide range of opportunities to earn points through co-branded credit cards, transferable points currencies, the aeroplan eStore, and other regular partners like Starbucks and LCBO. Aeroplan continues to be the most popular flight loyalty programme for Canadians looking to improve their vacation experience, whether they are taking a short-haul trip from Vancouver to Edmonton or taking Long-Haul in First Class from New York to Tokyo. Marriott Bonvoy is the best resort commitment programwinner.
The most approachable and sought-after resort loyalty programme in Canada is still Marriott Bonvoy. American Miles &amp, Points lovers are more involved with Marriott Bonvoy than any other program because there are qualities all over the nation and the world. Since it is the only hotel chain in Canada with a co-branded credit card, there has n’t been any change in this category from previous years. As a result, there is plenty of room for opposition, which would be advantageous for American travelers in 2024 and above. 55, 000 Aeroplan items for the Vancouver-Tokyo business category are the Best International Award Sweet SpotWinner.
As we saw in 2022, fans of Prince of Travel voted Aeroplan’s sweet spot of 55, 000 items for business-class airlines between Vancouver and Tokyo as the best of best. It’s important to note that there are still some issues with ANA prize supply through Aeroplan in 2023, but awards seem to have returned to stock, despite the fierce competition among Miles &amp, Points fans on any route to Japan today. You’ll be handsomely rewarded with ANA’s outstanding reputation as a five-star airline, though, and you probably wo n’t want the flight to end if you can find award availability. Air Canada 787 Signature Class is CanadaWinner’s best home business school.
The 787 Name Class product from Air Canada has triumphed over the almost identical items from the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 for another year. It’s without a doubt the best way to travel across Canada in ease, day or night, thanks to its lie-flat seats, dimming windows, and quiet ride. Air Canada’s Best Home Economy School in CanadaWinner
With 47.6 % of the votes cast, Air Canada was chosen as the Best Home Economy Group in Canada. When it comes to home flights, Canada’s largest aircraft gives passengers the most options, including a variety of aircraft with different configurations. It’s important to note that Porter Airlines received 34.3 % of the vote, while WestJet received a distant third of 12.8 %. Since it started delivering new Embraer E195- E2 planes and began launching new roads apparently every other day in 2023, Porter Airlines has been in the news. It will be exciting to see how the 2024 results develop with a 2- 2 design, completely Wi-Fi, an expanding system, and free beer and wine for all people. Qatar Airways Qsuites is the best global firm classwinner.
The reader of Prince of Travel has chosen Qatar Airways Qsuites as the best solution in the global business class. The Doha-based airline is still praised for its superb hard product, continuously outstanding soft products, and extensive route network. As we’ve previously seen, ANA’s” The Room” business class, which is also a great way to travel to or from Japan, finished minute. Emirates First Class is the best global first class winner.
This honor has alternated between Singapore Airlines Suites Class and Emirates First Class for the past few years. Singapore Airlines received the honor last month, but the Prince of Travel Awards have chosen Emirates First Class as 2023’s best global first class. Emirates ‘ lavish and extravagant First Class encounter continues to be a fan favorite thanks to the copious amounts of eggs and the rain in the sky. We’ll get watching how you vote in the years to come as flights roll out new First Class houses. Air Canada Signature Suite Toronto is CanadaWinner’s top aircraft club.
The Air Canada Signature Suite Toronto has been named the Best Airport Lounge in Canada by the Prince of Travel Honors for the next consecutive year. In fact, the most upscale seats offered by Air Canada, including its Vancouver rival, are regarded as some of the best in North America. As you might anticipate, the access policy is much more exclusive than Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounges because entry requires a business class ticket, an airline ticket that can be redeemed for Business Class ( Flexible ) or an Emirates First Class ticket. You will, however, undoubtedly receive a behave before your trip as long as you are ready. Air Canada Signature Suites Toronto &amp, Vancouver: Best International Business Class LoungeWinner
The Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha has lost to the Air Canada Signature Suites Toronto &amp, Vancouver for the title of Best International Business Classes Lounge following a second-place end in the 2022 Prince of Travel Awards. The intimacy of Air Canada’s Personal Suites, in contrast to the Doha lounge, may have swayed the votes in their favor. Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge Doha is the best global primary school loungewinner.
With 28.6 % of the vote, the Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge has once again won the award for best global first class club. It’s an experience unlike any other in airports around the world with fantastic kitchen, sleeping quarters, and a spa. The Singapore Airlines Private Room practice comes in second with 28.4 % of the vote. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal narrowly edged out the Air France La Première Lounge in third place, receiving 17.5 % of the vote as opposed to 16.9 %, respectively. The Ritz- Carlton in Toronto is the Best Town Hotel in Canada Bookable on Points Winner.
This year, you chose The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto as the number-one selection with 26.5 % of the vote when it comes to redeeming points for ambitious city resorts in Canada. With 25.8 % of the ballot, the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, who won last year, finished in second place. Given that Marriott Bonvoy continues to be the most popular resort points programme in Canada, it is not surprising that all properties nominated in this group fall under its umbrella. Westin Whistler is the best hotel in Canada that PointsWinner users can book.
Given that the Westin Whistler has once again been named the Best Hotel in Canada Bookable on Points, it would seem that users of Prince of Go enjoy a journey into the hills. However, given that cash rates in Whistler are frequently extremely high and can result in valuable redemption at any time throughout the year, this does n’t come as much of a surprise. St. Regis Maldives Vommuli is the best ambitious resort that can be booked on Points Winner.
The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli has surpassed Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai as the Best Aspirational Hotel Bookable on Points this time. The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli is a destination for fans of French Miles &amp, with its beautiful overwater villas, excellent spa, and crystal-clear waters. The 2023 Prince of Travel Honors have come to an end with the winners being announced. We sincerely appreciate everyone who took part in the voting process for the fifth annual Prince of Travel Awards. Watch our social media pages for the announcement of the winner of a digital$ 100 gift card that was pre-paid. The honor winners showed some movement this year, but we’d like to see credit card issuers, loyalty programs, and go partners move up their game to make the iteration the following year actually more dynamic. We wish you a very fruitful month in 2024 and hope you enjoyed voting in the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards.