With a 10 % Bonus, convert items to Asia Miles.

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Under the most recent move benefit development, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is giving you a 10 % reward up until March 31, 2024. It’s fantastic to see this campaign coming back as we approach 2024 because Asia Miles offered a similar extra around this time next year. You must register in advance in order to take advantage of the 10 % move benefit. Just visit the landing page of the promotion, log into your account, and then press” Register Nowadays.” If you convert items from credit card issuers outside of Hong Kong to Asia Miles, you’ll subsequently receive a 10 % benefit. Given that the bonus is taking place on the Asia Miles end, it’s important to note that it wo n’t show up on your credit card points portal. The extra if, nevertheless, appear in your account as long as you’ve signed up for the offer and earned points while participating in the promotion. The extra miles may be added to your Asia Miles profile within 8 to 10 days of the promotion’s ending on March 31, 2024, according to the promotional website. If this is the case, you wo n’t be able to use your bonus miles to make a reservation right away after starting the transfer; however, the regular points transfer should happen much sooner than that. Remember that in order to keep your kilometers from ending, you must have some sort of action in your Asia Miles accounts every 18 months. Your expire date will be reset if you earn or resurrect at least one Asia Mile every 18 months. If you’ve been eyeing a forgiveness, now is the best time ever to transfer funds card points into Asia Miles. American Express Canada Membership Rewards: 1, 000 MR items = 750 Asia Miles
USMR points equal 1,000 Asia Miles for American Express US membership benefits.
1, 000 Capital One Miles equals 1,000 Asia Mile in yards.
Citi ThankYou Rewards: 1,000 Thank You factors are equal to 1,000 Asia Miles.
RBC Avion: 1, 000 Asia Miles ( must turn a minimum of 10, 000 ) is equal to 1 000 BARCA avion items.
25, 000 HSBC Rewards positions equal 8, 000 Asia Miles.
These ratios are thus increased to the following levels until March 31, 2024, with the 10 % bonus in place: Amex MR: 1, 000 points = 825 Asia Miles
Amex USMR: 1,100 Asia Miles equals 1,000 US MR items.
1, 000 km equals 1, 100 Asia Miles in the capital city.
One thousand factors equal one hundred Asia Miles in Citi ThankYou Rewards.
1,100 Asia Miles are equal to 1,000 RBC Avion items.
25, 000 HSBC Rewards positions equal 8, 800 Asia Miles.
RBC Avion, Amex MR, and HSBC Rewards are typically regarded as the “best” ways to earn Cathay Pacific Asia Miles among American financial partners, respectively ( mainly because they can be transferred to other programs at a better 1:1 ratio ). It does n’t seem like Marriott Bonvoy conversions to Asia Miles would be eligible because the scope of this promotion appears to only include transfers from credit card partners and not hotel partners. The development specifically excludes the yards you may receive as part of a welcome benefit or on regular purchases on the Cathay World Elite® Mastercard, which is powered by Neo, and only applies to credit card points converted to Asia Miles. In addition, this makes it totally preferable to use the RBC ® Avion Visa Infinite over the Cathay World Elite® Mastercard, which is powered by Neo, as you are effectively earning 1.1 Asia Miles per dollar spent by doing so with this development in position, compared to the Neo card’s foundation earning level of 1. Points payments from US colleagues to Asia Miles are frequently rapid, but firm delays of 3 to 5 days have often occurred when transferring from American economies. As there have been many instances of RBC Avion transfers being delayed as a result of system discrepancies, you’ll also want to confirm that the names and addresses on the sending and receiving balances match one another. Transferring positions to Asia Miles is recommended. Recall that in October 2023, Asia Miles experienced a world depreciation, particularly for cabins other than market. It is now much more expensive to book flights with Asia Miles in upscale houses. However, Asia Miles ‘ prize supply for Cathay Pacific airlines is superior to that of other Oneworld programs. So, as long as you can find prize availability, booking straight through Asia Miles may be your best option if you want to try Cathay Pacific’s company class or First Class. Cathay Pacific offers First Class on both of its flights to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. The following are the prices for a one-way business school flight from Hong Kong to either French area: Vancouver: 84, 000 Asia Miles
Asia Miles 110, 000 Toronto
The specific amount depends on the currency you converted factors from and the corresponding exchange ratio. The move reward reduces the effective cost of both flights by 10 %. When compared to various Oneworld plans, Asia Miles occasionally provides relatively affordable prices for partner airlines. For instance, you can take a Finnair business class flight from Helsinki to Chicago for 63, 000 Asia Miles plus$ 105 ( CAD ) in taxes and fees. The same journey booked with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan costs 70, 000 yards, while American Airlines AAdvantage only costs 57, 500 yards ( which are harder to find ). Book a Finnair company class with Asia Miles. British Airways flights are another possible good use for Asia miles with partner airlines because they typically impose lower carrier-imposed surcharges than various Oneworld loyalty programs. For instance, 63,000 Asia Miles plus$ 329 ( CAD ) in taxes and fees are charged for a one-way business class flight from Chicago to London. The same flight booked with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan costs 65, 000 Alaska miles plus$ 995 ( USD ) in taxes and fees, British Airways Executive Club costs 90,000 Avios plus$ 350 ( USF). Therefore, if you plan to fly directly to London, Helsinki, or another Oneworld hub, it might be a good idea to look into Asia Miles ‘ pricing options, especially since you wo n’t be familiar with the program after the devaluation. Up until March 31, 2024, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is providing a sizable 10 % bonus on all incoming credit card point transfers from manufacturers outside of Hong Kong. Before transferring your details into the system, make sure to sign up for the development. This development may be a good chance to top up your balance for an upcoming Asia Miles redemption given that three economic partners in Canada ( and even more in the US) allow you to earn them.