The active vacation travel season has begun.

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – We have now entered the peak period for Christmas holiday travel. More individuals in Texas are predicted to travel by road than by air, however there is reported growth in airport footfall as well. AAA reports that about nine million Texans are on the move. Out of these, 8.3 million are on the road. “The cost of airline tickets has slightly increased compared to the previous year. Therefore, you understand that some individuals will prefer driving because it’s more cost-effective. Approximately 90% of travelers will be driving, according to Daniel Armbruster from AAA Texas Media Relations. The cost of gas could be a factor, with current prices in College Station standing at $2.73 today. A week ago, it was $2.75. If you filled up your tank in College Station during the last Christmas season, you likely won’t notice a significant change, as the price was $2.70 a year ago. Nonetheless, if you were refueling your car last week compared to this week, you will likely observe a difference. Armbruster indicated that fuel demand pressure could lead to a price surge this week. However, he also highlighted some positive news, stating that rental car prices have dropped a bit compared to the previous year. Despite everything, many people are still opting for air travel. According to airport officials at Easterwood in College Station, they anticipate 3,000 to 4,000 people from Friday till the end of the year and confirm that everything is running according to plan.