The Deutsche Bahn’s impact on the European market has been disastrous.

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European train workers started a six-day attack earlier this month, which is the longest ever. Analysts issue a warning that this labor action could cause Germany to lose up to €1 billion ($ 1.09 billion ) in economic losses.
The majority of passenger and freight rail operations will be completely halted as a result of the global affect that the nation’s railway union, GDL, started on Tuesday and will last until Monday. This work behavior has had an effect on both long-distance and suburban teach services.
The hit is the result of a persistent dispute over pay and working hours between the GDL and Deutsche Bahn, the bridge operator. The federation is calling for a pay increase of €555 per month in addition to the reduction of regular working hours from 38 to 35. Also, they are asking for a one-time payment of €3,000 to cover inflation. The GDL has now carried out four strikes since November.
The union deemed Deutsche Bahn’s most recent offer to the GDL, which included pay rises of up to 13 % and the chance to reduce the workweek by an hour starting in 2026, to be insufficient.
The new attack was criticized by Deutsche Bahn, with firm member Anja Broeker calling it a blow to the German economy. Transporting necessary materials for energy plants, refineries, and other commercial businesses depends heavily on the organization.
The travel minister of the nation, Volker Wissing, expressed concern over the deteriorating condition of negotiations between Deutsche Bahn and the union in his opposition to the strike. The work stoppages, according to Minister Wissing, make the supply chains ‘ problems even more difficult because they are already dealing with Red Sea problems.
Every day of attack, according to Deutsche Bahn, has a financial impact on the German economy in the small double-digit million variety. Business experts do, however, issue a warning that this measure may not be accurate. According to industry experts from the Institute for Economic Research in Cologne, the work stoppage could cost up to €100 million per day, with the worst-case scenario potentially costing as much as €1 billion. Deutsche Bahn Strike Is a Catastrophe for the European Economy, according to SOURCE: http ://eTurboNews| eTN
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