The record-breaking go for Memorial Day is anticipated at Denver International Airport.

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Brian Sherrod

Updated on: May 21, 2024 / 12: 17 PM MDT
/ CBS Colorado

Denver International Airport anticipates record-breaking journey on Memorial Day.

Denver International Airport officials say people should expect a busy vacation as they are getting ready to go or making reservations for a journey for Memorial Day weekends. Michael Konopasek, a DIA official, spoke with CBS News Colorado Traffic Reporter Brian Sherrod about Memorial Day vacation. Konopasek tells us they are expecting almost 450, 000 travellers from Thursday, May 23 through Monday, May 27. This traffic surpasses 2023’s record-breaking traffic by 9 %. Denver International Airport


Officials expect on Thursday and Friday only, more than 80, 000 guests. ” You know the trip is coming”, Konopasek said. You might have a Friday off and keep on Thursday, perhaps. The South Security Checkpoint ( located on Level 5 at the South end of the Terminal ) is the main location for common screening, which is mostly used by travelers who require regular screen. TSA PreCheck: There are four TSA PreCheck lanes open from 4 a. m. to 7: 45 p. m. located on the backside of the checkpoint ( near Baggage Claim 7 ). PreCheck travelers arriving after 8 p.m. may apply South Security and get an extended testing form. Clean Standard Customers: A Clean street is available at this station for regular testing. Clean customers with TSA PreCheck MUST use the street provided for Sharp at the West Security Checkpoint between the hours of 4 a. m. to 7: 30 p. m. Restricted Access for Accessibility/Premium/Employees/Military Traveler Lane: This street is located near the Southeast part of the station. A- Bridge Security Checkpoint: Standard screening simply, available from nearly 4: 30 a. m. to 5: 45 p. m. Standard Screening: This station has a minimal number of lanes dedicated for travelers requiring regular screening. TSA PreCheck is not available at this checkpoint. West Security Checkpoint ( located on Level 6 at the Northwest corner of the Terminal ): Primary checkpoint for TSA PreCheck passengers, open 4 a. m. to 7: 30 p. m. TSA PreCheck: This checkpoint serves the majority of our TSA PreCheck passengers. These travelers should proceed to the checkpoint at West Security 3 ( near Door 600 ). Customers who are CLEAR customers with TSA PreCheck are eligible for a CLEAR lane at West Security 3 of this checkpoint ( near Door 600 ). Customers who use South Security at CLAR without TSA PreCheck must use it. Restricted Access for Accessibility/Premium/Employees/Military Traveler Lane: This lane is located at West Security 2 of this checkpoint ( near Door 606 ). Standard Screening: Use West Security 1 as the entry point for passengers who have standard screening. DEN RESERVE: West Security 2 ( near Door 606 ) is where reservations can be found for visitors with reservations. Passengers can now leave items like laptops and liquids in their bags at this checkpoint thanks to improved technology. Another good reminder, check sites like Flightaware .com and A great way to ensure that your flights arrive on time is through FlightAware. When looking for parking spaces and how long does it take to pass through TSA, FlyDenver can be used. Brian Sherrod

First published on May 21, 2024 / 12: 04 PM MDT

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