Mayors traveling to China to encourage financial talents, attract investors

Just shipped trucks on the AMPORTS ‘ significant on Wilbur Avenue in Antioch, Calif., on Monday, May 20, 2024. Autos are transported from overseas for distribution at AMPORTS, an electrical logistics and processing service. To the straight is the Gen On power plant. Companies in China may have never heard of East Contra Costa County, but they will immediately as a small cluster of Bay Area politicians, including those from Antioch and Oakley, are traveling this week to encourage the region’s economic advantages in an effort to entice new owners and foster business ties. Organized by China Silicon Valley, a philanthropic organization headquartered in Silicon Valley with trees in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the journey is the first the team has taken since the COVID- 19 epidemic. This week’s journey focuses on the natural growth of cities, business expansion, and deepening global relationships through sister- city partnerships. Mayor Lamar Hernandez- Thorpe said he sees the benefit in building these relationships, everything he learned more about during a subsequent U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington D. C. and a visit with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who touted sister- city relationships, even though Antioch has no Foreign sister cities. Tim Haile, left, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe, center, and Glydways CEO Gokul Hemmady, right, unveil a Glydcar at the 9th Annual Redefining Mobility Summit on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in San Ramon, Calif. Riders in dedicated lanes will be moved through a 28-mile system that connects four East Contra Costa County locations with the new autonomous cars. The best way for mayors to contribute to international relations was partnerships, according to ( Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group ), Hernandez- Thorpe said.” The best way to achieve foreign policy is one-on-one engagement and people getting to know each other,” he said. ” So I’m taking to heart the Secretary’s recommendation” .Shortly before departure on Sunday for the one- week trip, the Antioch mayor said he will be focusing on promoting strategic trade, the area’s economic strengths and potential job expansion. He also plans to showcase East Contra Costa’s Glydways micro transit system that will connect Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley. Silicon Valley business leaders are among the participants on the trip, including Oakley Mayor Anissa Williams, San Carlos Mayor Adam Rak, East Palo Alto Mayor Antonio López, Saratoga Mayor Yan Zhao, and Morgan Hill Mayor Mark Taylor. The trips were made possible by the Hong Kong-based China- United States Exchange Foundation, a non-profit organization. The delegation is expected to travel to several major cities and take part in a number of events, including meetings with local government officials and business leaders from some of the rapidly expanding cities, including those in Hong Kong and Mainland China. While there, Hernandez- Thorpe said he plans to promote Antioch’s deepwater port, AMPORTS ‘ expanded marine terminal, access to the BNSF railway, and the planned construction of two major commercial warehouses. ” It’s not some small thing that AMPORTS now has a marine terminal here in Antioch”, he said. According to Fernandez-Thrope,” I think for Oakley, it’s not small that they have a logistics warehousing facility that’s anchored by Amazon.” The company, one of the largest automotive shipping companies in the world, has been storing new cars in Antioch for a number of months, but it only recently brought them here by ship after expanding the wharf to accommodate roll-on and roll-off traffic. Nearly 1,500 brand-new Buicks were brought here by the first vessel from China, and they will then be transported by truck to their destinations. Related Articles
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” Right now they’re using Antioch as a place to kind of bypass”, he said. The second phase of the project includes building an offloading car facility where workers will store the cars before they leave the factory, according to the mayor. The goal of their second phase will be connecting to BNSF rail so that they can directly send them to the East Coast using rail lines instead of semi trucks. ” For a long time, people have said,’ why does n’t Antioch utilize its deepwater ports? ‘”, Hernandez- Thorpe said. ” Clearly, there’s an opportunity here and AMPORTS saw it and, from my perspective …if there’s an opportunity and it’s cheaper, why not” ?Not only will the offloading car facility provide some 40 jobs, but the marine industry has a multiplier effect, creating more jobs regionally as a result, he said. ” It’s kind of replicating what’s happening in Benicia”, the mayor said of AMPORTS’s similar Benicia facility. On East 18th Street, according to Ennadez-Torpe, two nearly 450, 000 square feet of newly constructed, one-bedroom warehouses suitable for advanced manufacturing, light industrial, and other uses are about to open. ” So, there’s still a lot of flexibility still for businesses to come in here”, he said, noting it’s a point he will make during his talks with Chinese businessmen and officials. No longer just a place for service- sector businesses, Antioch is now competing for business with the 580 corridor, Hernandez- Thorpe said. Many people have very high skills, he said, whether they were formally educated academically or through union trade, or whatever it may be. ” I think that’ll change the trajectory of Antioch”.Newly shipped cars on the AMPORTS ‘ lot on Wilbur Avenue in Antioch on Monday, May 20, 2024. AMPORTS is an automotive logistics, processing facility where cars are shipped from abroad for distribution in the U. S. ( Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group ) ]embedded content ]

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