The significance of “X” in HBX Group, a part of Hotelbeds, is thrilling.

Carlos Muñoz is the head of the commercial division of the HBX Group. At the unveiling of HBX Group, Carlos Muñoz, Commercial Chief Officer of the brand, discussed the vision for Hotelbeds’ shift to becoming an ecosystem player in the B2B sector. In an interview with Brand TD by Travel Daily Media, Muñoz highlighted the aspirations and objectives for forming a platform that encompasses multiple resources, creating a unified experience. What motivated the merge of Hotelbeds into the HBX Group? The garnering of people, technology, and data, accompanied by the production of product, was an important factor. CM wanted to convey a sense of transformation with the new brand and demonstrate the altered level of value the group provides to its customers. We are moving toward becoming a major player in the B2B sector. We intend to build a platform that will serve the industrial sector. This B2B platform will maximize business growth and help enrich the existing ecosystem. To this end, we will roll out a range of products. We have a place to stay. Additionally, activities or transfers at the location.