The Top 10 Hotels Near Grand Canyon National Park.


One of America’s most beloved jewels is the Grand Canyon. The defining characteristic of the nation’s most famous national area, situated in northern Arizona, was carved out over the course of millions of years by the raging Colorado River liquid.
What was the outcome? beautiful, steep-sided walls that descend to enormous valleys below.
Whether they are young or old, daring or no, wealthy or poor, alone or with a group, tourists from all over the world want to see this breathtaking scenery. As a result, there are numerous options for lodging close to Grand Canyon National Park.
Check out the list below after learning a little bit about the various towns and regions that surround the Grand Canyon. A hotel, camp, or glampground will undoubtedly be available to meet your requirements.
However, there is a sizable Grand Canyon National Park region. Since there are n’t many big cities and these accommodations are dispersed, it can be challenging to choose the ones that might be best for you.
We’ve done the research for you and found the top Grand Canyon resorts and other lodging options. We’ve got them covered below, along with everything in between, whether you’re just looking for places to set up camp to return to after a day of hiking trails, wooden huts that honor the culture and history of the Grand Canyon, or opulent resorts to engage in.
DRBest Luxury Hotels1 and Page ContentsTL. The Grand Canyon’s Grand Hotel. BW Signature Collection3, Squire Resort at The Grand Canyon. Best Mid-Range Hotels4: El Tovar Hotel Angel Lodge, Bright 5. European Ranch in Grand Canyon6. Best Budget Hotels7. Grand Canyon Lodge- North Rim 8 Maswik Lodge. Wyndham FlagstaffBest Campgrounds9 Baymont Trailer Village, Mather Campground, and Desert View10. What time of year is ideal for visiting the Grand Canyon, according to Canvas? Are there any lodging options that include a flight to the Grand Canyon?
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the Grand Canyon’s range
Rating from TripAdvisor ( Out of 5 )
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Hotel El Tovar
( On the North Rim ) 0 miles
4. 0
Hotel Mid- Collection
Angel Lodge Bright
( on the North Rim ) 0 miles
4. 0
Cheap resort
Lodge Maswik
( in Grand Canyon Village ) 0.5 km
3. 5
Campgrounds in South Rim
( in Grand Canyon Village ) 0.5 to 1 hour
4.0 to 4.5
Resort Glamping
Grand Canyon Under Canvas
40 hours away in Grand Canyon Junction, 31 miles
4. 5.
The Best Luxurious Hotels
There are n’t any Four Seasons or St. Regis in Grand Canyon National Park or anywhere else nearby. You can also get one or two high-end, exclusive hotels with more amenities to appreciate during your Grand Canyon holiday, even though the expectations for luxury here should be a little different.
1. The Grand Canyon’s Grand Hotel The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 86023, 149 AZ- 64
One of the top establishments in the upscale hotel chain near the Grand Canyon is The Grand Hotel. It is conveniently near to a visitor’s centre and only 12 minutes from the sights and trailheads of Grand Canyon Village in Tusayan, the little village near the South Rim gate of the area.
Guest rooms and suites these are furnished with the contemporary amenities you’d expect from a higher-end hotel, despite the hall and public places ‘ rustic, southwest log cabin feelings. Among the great amenities, there is an indoor pool and hot tub, an Arizona steakhouse in the saloon style, a sizable fitness facility, and an open lobby fireplace.
2. Grand Canyon Squire Resort, BW Signature Collection Squire Resort at the Grand Canyon.
Address: Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 86023, 74 AZ- 64
Squire Resort at the Grand Canyon is another excellent pleasure resort in Tusayan. For company loyalists who want to use points or standing on their trip, this Best Western-affiliated hotel could be a great choice.
The excellent pleasure and variety of dining options at this location may be especially appealing to people. When you’re not taking in the sights of the Grand Canyon only 12 hours away, there is an indoor and outdoor pool, a sizable game room, and even bowling alley to love.
It is simple to keep up on a longer journey thanks to host laundry facilities. This Grand Canyon resort has contemporary, inviting visitor rooms.

3. Hotel El Tovar
Inside the Park/ El Tovar
Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 86023, 9 Village Loop Drive
El Tovar Hotel is a traditional hall that is located right on the valley rim and is recommended for tourists who want to stay as close to the Grand Canyon as possible. Since the European type was regarded as the pinnacle of culture at the time, this memorable resort, which debuted in 1905, was built to resemble a cross between an American villa and southwestern chalet.
The lodge has hosted numerous artists, leaders, and high-profile visitors since it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It is a short distance from Grand Canyon Railway and the rest of the township due to its location at the South Rim’s advantage.
While some guest rooms have been modernized, others still have a classic, historic appeal. Everywhere you look, you can see magnificent canyon views.
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Best Hotels in the Mid-Range
The majority of hotels in Gran Canyon are in the mid-range price spectrum. In the off-season, the majority of these also fall under the funds hotel category. From this collection of hotels, you can anticipate easy locations, cozy accommodations, and distinctive character.
4. Angel Lodge, Bright
Stock .com / pedrosala
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, 9 Village Loop Drive
Another one of Grand Canyon Village’s traditional hotels is Bright Angel Lodge, which is located a short distance from the valley rim. It was created in 1935 when a less expensive option to El Tovar was required, and it is now officially recognized as one of the National Historic Landmarks. There is a main lodge as well as several old houses, one of which Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders once called home.
Wonderful southwest-inspired design and objects can be found throughout the lodge, particularly in the Beautiful Angel History Room. Visitors can find out more about Grand Canyon Village’s amazing past around.
The Harvey House Cafe ( previously Fred Harvey Burger ), where the lodge serves traditional Southern American food, is where dining is held. The Bright Angel Trailhead, which runs from the seal all the way down to the river, is accessible to experienced hikers right inside.
5. 5. American Ranch Grand Canyon / Grand Canyon Western Ranch
3750 E Diamond Bar Rd, Meadview, Arizona 86444 is the handle.
When compared to a normal hotel, the Grand Canyon Western Ranch offers an entirely different kind of experience and is also far away. Although it is conveniently close to Grand Canyon West, which has its own breathtaking attractions, this dude ranch is located some miles north of the park’s primary South Rim section.
This is a fantastic option if you want to explore this crazy area of the valley and experience the Old West in its truest form. The hotel offers guided horseback and wagon rides as well as hikes through the desert to view breathtaking views and enormous flocks of wild bison.
The visitor amenities include a petting zoo, horseshoes, hot tub, heated pool, and park. The house also has a cafe, gift store, and bar on-site.
6. North Rim’s Grand Canyon Lodge
Adobe Stock / Craig Zerbe
North Rim, Arizona 86052, AZ-67
The Grand Canyon Lodge is the only shelter available on the isolated North Rim of the garden. It is located at the end of the lengthy hill road that leads from the small village of Jacob Lake into this rocky area of park. Do n’t plan to stay here outside of the summer and early fall because the entire park is closed over the winter.
But, if you are able to travel to this less-traveled region, you’re in for a treat. A few simple rooms and some larger wooden cabins make up the hotel, which is a quaint lodge.
However, there are amenities like restaurants, a gift shop, and entertainment available, so you wo n’t be roughhousing it. Bright Angel Point should be regarded as a must-see if you hike one of the main paths right outside your door. Its end-of-the-road location is ideal for taking in the spectacular natural scenery in all directions.
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Best Cheap Hotels
Depending on the time of year you’re traveling, do n’t hesitate to check out the options above as well. As previously mentioned, many of the best Grand Canyon hotels within the park limits fall into the budget category in the off-season. However, as we mentioned below, it’s worthwhile to look for cheap lodging in the farther-flung towns and cities during the summer. Another benefits may also be aided by this.
7. Lodge Maswik
Inside the Park / Maswik Lodge
Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 86023, 202 Village Loop Drive
Maswik Lodge is one of the best value-conscious hotels in Grand Canyon Village because of its contemporary, spotless, and cozy areas in the hub of park exercise. The Grand Canyon Railway and the real valley rim are only a 2-minute travel or 15-minute walk away, and they are located across the street from the Backcountry Information Center.
Here, visitors can select from a wide variety of lodging options that are dispersed across numerous properties. The rooms at the more recent South Lodge are either standard or kitchenette-style, and they all have balconies or patios as well as floor access for second-floor units. However, not all of the rooms have air conditioning. Just normal guest rooms are available in the older North Lodge buildings, and second-floor units can only be accessed via stairs.
8. 8. Wyndham Flagstaff’s Baymont
Wyndham Flagstaff /’s Baymont
Address: Flagstaff, Arizona, 2005 S Milton Rd. 86001
Since there is a lot more to offer in terms of lodging, dining, and shopping in the nearby town of Flagstaff, which is just under 90 days from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, some budget travelers prefer to stay there. One of the most cutting-edge resorts in town, the Baymont by Wyndham Flagstaff offers benefits rather than discounts and is incredibly affordable.
You do n’t have to worry about additional fees for driving to the Grand Canyon because parking is free here. Children under the age of 17 can remain for free and breakfast is also free. The benefits continue because there are many shops and eateries nearby, both local and large stores, and they are all only a short drive away. You can be in the pool or hot tub here if you are n’t exploring the breathtaking Arizona scenery.
Visit the World of the Eagle on the Grand Canyon Skywalk to learn more.
Favorite Camping
Last but not least, setting up camp in the breathtaking wilderness of Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most memorable ways to enjoy it. There is a camp inside the garden to put you right in the middle of the scenery, whether you’re RVing your way through the desert or just setting up camp. And as we’ll see below, there are ways to enjoy both worlds today if camping is n’t your thing.
9. Trailer Village, Mather Campground, and Desert View
National Park Service ( NPS)
Because they represent all traveling in the South Rim region of the national park, are fairly close to one another, and meet various needs, we are grouping all of these parks up. Even though you may get more business options outside the garden, being best on the canyon’s border is the best option if you plan to camp during your Grand Canyon vacation.
Grand Canyon Village is right next to Mather Campground and Trailer Village. Despite its size, Mather does n’t feel crowded because it has hundreds of camp and RV camping without sex, real toilets with running water, and real restrooms.
Most of the time, generator use is permitted. Trailer Village, which is right next door, does possess RV hookups and permits rig up to 60 feet in length as opposed to Mather’s maximum of 30 feet.
In a more isolated area of the Grand Canyon, Desert View Campground is located about 25 miles to the east. However, this area also has a gas station, restrooms, and convenience store.
Desert View is more of a desert-wilderness than Grand Canyon Village, which offers the convenience of being close to area landmarks and its flight program. For those who truly want to take in dynamics without slogging it in the wilderness, like some time away from civilization.
10. Grand Canyon Under Canvas / Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Junction, Arizona 86046, 979 AirparkLn
Even at a campground, forget about the backcountry, if you really do n’t want to rough it, you can still get the majority of the camping experience by glamping. Under Canvas Grand Canyon is the ideal location for a glamping excursion close to Canyon National Park.
Comfort houses with the contemporary services of a hotel room under the desert clouds make up the beach. It is less than 40 hours from the South Rim and is located in the city of Grand Canyon Junction, roughly half between Flagstaff and Great Canyon Village.
To accommodate a variety of needs, there are many different kinds of houses to choose from, including passionate Stargazer Huts with windows above the pillows and multi-berth family tarps. For those who ca n’t live without such comfort, the majority of bathrooms have en suites.
The houses do not have air conditioning, and some do reveal a bathroom. Here, you can unwind in a meditation lawn and roast marshmallows by the light of the stars.
What season is ideal for visiting the Grand Canyon?
Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to explore National Park and the Grand Canyon. In contrast to the most popular season, summer, when temperatures are lower and crowds are fewer, you wo n’t need to make hotel reservations as far in advance.
Does the Grand Canyon have any accommodations that offer flight service?
Yes, there are numerous hotels in the Grand Canyon National Park’s vicinity that provide flight service. For more information, check with the lodging choice and/or your chosen booking site. Additionally, you can research secret flight solutions.
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