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Emerald’s fresh superyacht is Sakara, which is anchored off Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. ( Image taken by David Dickstein )
By David Dickstein | [email protected]: January 10, 2024 at 10: 10 a. m.| UPDATED: Jan 10th, 2004. Impeccable services, gourmet food, and beautiful decor are anticipated when spending hefty sums of money on opulent cruises. Even though receiving anything less is a first-world issue, it is still unsatisfactory. That sought-after journey of a career is made possible by receiving significantly more than was anticipated.
The Emerald Sakara, a 100-guest superyacht that not only possesses the ideal balance of pleasure, unpretentiousness, and amenities, but also takes an organization known for river travelling to deeper depths, was recently christened with plenty of more.
Sakara is a close relative of Azzurra, which launched Emerald ( ) in early 2022 by sailing to the open seas. The ten-year-old product is then bringing the small things that make a big difference to even more of the world by adding two sailing vessels to Emerald’s more established ships of nine river-dedicated” Star- Ships” based in Europe and Southeast Asia. Sakara, a Sanskrit mantra that means” ideas become stuff,” is after all.
On the Emerald Azzurra, the Amici Lounge and the adjacent table provide a welcoming social environment. The pleasant surprises that helped Sakara make a good first impression came from sources that were exclusive to even ultra-luxury cruising, which Emerald is n’t. ( Photo by David Dickstein ) While a butler and other perks are lovely, are they worth paying 50 % more for Scenic ( ), Emerald’s five-star sister brand? To give an example of the price of an ocean cruise on Emerald, balcony cabins on a seven-day sail this summer in the Mediterranean were going for as little as$ 6,500 per person, double occupancy, at press time.
A waiter who shook a cocktail to the cafe singer’s song was one of the miniature mindblowers seen on the Caribbean christening cruise for Sakara. That might sound more like joy than a big deal on sheet or pixels. On the contrary. The Amici Bar’s friendly and knowledgeable mixologist was able to serve thirsty patrons without being a distraction during the show by getting jiggy with the cruise director of the crowd-pleasing cover of Dua Lipa” Levitating.” An author’s achievement is all too frequently drowned out by the sounds of a mixer or blender, but not here.

The swim-up table for hungry people in the British Virgin Islands is redefined by a Sakara site. When Sakara’s bay software is opened under ideal circumstances, visitors can enjoy a variety of liquid sports equipment while being served cocktails and fruits skewers. Nothing says” cruise vacation” like paddling off your opulent superyacht and seeing a tray-holding waiter standing on the back deck with an alluring tropical drink to enhance this priceless moment of peace on crystal-clear waters out of the corner of your sunglassed eye.
The superyachts from Emerald have an infrared bath in the resort. Heading inside, the Elements Spa offers yet another wonderful shock that speaks to Emerald’s distinctive culture of customer relations. ( Photo by David Dickstein ) How refreshing it is to experience the difference when a cruise line keeps points in-house, especially in today’s world where a heath company has almost exclusive control over cruise ships and the damaging effects of that area way too frequently. The artist showed the female guest to his chair and gave him a complimentary quickie cut when he inquired about salon services and informed the stylist that, in lieu of making an appointment, all the man needed was to have his sides and neck trim. The shocked, finely attired man was told by the artist that” we believe in making relationships more than we do an instant income,” and he even declined a hint.

Nothing during the baptismal boat could compare to that in terms of impact value, but Sakara was followed by delight from Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands and St. Barts.
On an Emerald boat, fruit pavlova is a popular snack. ( Photo by David Dickstein ) At Sakara’s two eateries, the galley prepared a large number of delectable dishes with few exceptions. The boat’s large main dining room, La Cucina on Deck 3, serves buffet breakfasts and lunches as well as full-service dinners. The ceviches and the majority of various seafood dishes that year were on line with better comfort cruise lines, and adding steamed chicken breast and breaded eggplant to the pasta arrabbiata was a winner for an executive chef who was convinced enough to let guests enjoy Frankenstein with menu items. With the exception of a pretty and very good strawberry pavlova, dessert selections were so-so, but giving the server free reign to make the chocolate lover’s sundae produced sinfully delectable results. Preset sandwiches, power plate salads, and delicious ship-made ice cream are all available at the beach Aqua Café on Deck 6. It also serves sandwiches and hot dogs.
An unexpected Cape Cod goes well with quiet pleasure cruise kayaking. Effective potables are typically not served with Emerald as they are on sister Scenic, with the exception of wine and beer for lunch and dinner and a shock cocktail while kayaking. Wines of the day and drink plans cost$ 6, and there are stylish, welcoming surroundings where you can relax. The Sky Bar on the top board is the neighborhood watering hole at night and sailaway, conditions permitting, if the above Amici Bar and Lounge serves as the ship’s group hub, providing plenty of seating and an place for live music.
Like its year-old baby, Azzurra, Sakara has a decor that is perhaps best described as understated elegance. The common areas of the 361-foot sailboat are decorated with browser, mirrors, and painting that are anything but garish in shades of gold and black. From the treatment rooms to the pleasant infrared sauna, the salon is elegant in every way.
Azzurra, Emerald Sakara’s baby, can be seen in St. Barts. Vibe-wise, Sakara resembles a private yacht ( photo by David Dickstein ). For those who live in the two Landlord Suites, this is particularly true. Each one offers 1,195 square feet of WOW aspect, including a large outdoor deck, lounge area, and walk-in closet. At the rear of the Observation Deck, two Yacht Suites determine 720 flat feet. 36 of the ship’s 50 cabins are balconies, which appear larger than their approximately 300 square feet due to the minimalist wall decor, smart and effective features, and plenty of storage. The six Oceanview Cabins, which are about 200 square feet in size, are the only rooms without a patio.
The infinite Aqua Pool provides calming calm. The cruise line offers three different kinds of sea excursions, two of which are part of the fare. EmeraldPLUS tours frequently provide an introduction to native society, and EmeraldACTIVE getaways include guided hikes, e-bike outings and snorkeling excursions. In-depth excursions and experiences of various levels of effort are known as DiscoverMORE options, which typically cost between$ 100 and$ 200. A few of the upcharging trips include exploring the stunning, white village of Oia while anchored in Santorini, touring the Roman town of Pompeii while in Sorrento, and ziplining through a forest close to Antigua.
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Sakara may remain her typically seven-day itinerary through the Mediterranean from April through October after spending the remainder of the winter in the Caribbean. The premier of Emerald finally makes its way back to the Caribbean, sailing between St. Martin and Barbados every week from this December to April 2025.
Sakara’s somewhat older baby will see more of the world over the following couple of years. Besides the Caribbean and Mediterranean, Azzurra may find her card stamped in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Central America and the Seychelles by the end of 2025. Between the two superyachts, just Azzurra is now offering excursions as long as 12 times.

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