The UK provides a passport progress to Ukrainians fleeing the conflict.

Russians who arrived in the UK through particular programs are eligible for an 18-month visa extension.
Improvement offers security and accessibility to crucial services.
The British recognizes and values the generosity of the populace in providing aid to refugees.
Beginning in early 2025, thousands of Ukrainian war refugees who fled to the British following the Russian war will be eligible for an 18-month card expansion program.
As the second celebration of the combat draws near, the Home Office made this announcement.
Those who arrived as a result of initiatives like the Ukraine Family Scheme, Homes for Ukraine, and Ukraine Extension Scheme are covered by this improvement. Their first three-year permits, which are set to expire in March 2025, can now be renewed through September 2026.
Over 200, 000 Ukrainians who live in the UK now have “certainty and comfort” thanks to this, and they can continue to have access to employment, rewards, healthcare and education.
The “extraordinary compassion” of American families who welcomed Ukrainians fleeing the fight was praised by Minister Tom Pursglove. He emphasized that this extension provides those who are impacted by the ongoing war with a” safe haven.”
First 2025 will see the launch of online programs for the extension, which can be submitted within the final three months of an existing card. Due to the conflict, people who fell under different Leave Outside the Rules groups are also available.
Felicity Buchan, the cover minister, praised the sponsors and urged more to pitch in. Over 283,000 Ukrainians have received assistance from the UK, mainly as a result of people kindness.
Eduard Fesko, speaking on behalf of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK, expressed his appreciation for the” ongoing support” given by the country’s individuals and government.
This statement is consistent with the UK’s$ 11.8 billion assistance package for Ukraine, which includes financial, military, and humanitarian assistance. Ukrainians fleeing the conflict are offered a card modification by the UK, according to eTurboNews.eTN
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