Why You Should Browse This Popular South American City Winter.

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Next Updated 9 minutes agoColombia was one of the most popular travel destinations in 2024.
Record numbers of tourists have flocked to this South American nation, drawn by its economical prices, stunning scenery, and bustling cities.
Cartagena is one area in certain that ought to be at the top of your travel wish list.
Colombia’s Cartagena is the ideal place to travel to this spring. The ideal combination of history, tradition, and beaches can be found in this stunning, vibrant metropolis. Travel + Luxury recently named it one of the top vacation destinations for 2024.
Here are some reasons why you ought to travel to Cartagena this spring.
Beaches, Culture, and Past
Because it combines history, tradition, and beaches, Cartagena is a special place to visit. The city is situated right on Colombia’s Caribbean beach, and due to its strategic location, it served as a significant interface for many years.
You’ll be astounded by the vibrant imperial structures, cobbled streets, ancient churches, and fortified town walls in the gated old town of Cartagena.
For tourists with an interest in history and culture, there is a bit to discover. Foodies will enjoy the delicious nearby street food and fresh seafood in Cartagena, making it a wonderful destination.
Cartagena is a fantastic beach location in addition to its history and culture. Beaches can be found in the contemporary Bocagrande neighborhood outside of the ancient town.
The best shores, however, are a boat trip from Cartagena. I advise taking a day trip from Cartagena to the Islas Rosarios, which has some of the most stunning Atlantic shores.
Tropical cigarettes at a lower cost
The cost of traveling to the Caribbean may remain high. The shoreline of Colombia is in fact a part of the Caribbean, despite the fact that most tourists do n’t associate South America with the region. There is no doubt that the Atlantic effect can be seen, tasted, and felt on Cartagena.
Traveling to Cartagena is a fantastic way to experience the Caribbean without breaking the bank because Colombia is one of the most affordable places in Latin America.
Consider eating local food instead of the more expensive holiday franchises if you want to save money by staying outside the old city ( the artsy Getsemani community right outside of town walls is a great option ).
It is also reasonably priced to travel to Cartagena. Spirit Airlines, a low-cost airline, provides daily flights from Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena. Additionally, JetBlue, Avianca, and Delta offer daily flights from Atlanta to New York.
If you’re looking for Caribbean feelings and society, Cartagena is one of Colombia’s top tropical locations.
Excellent For Solo Travelers
Another justification for traveling to Cartagena this spring? It’s fantastic for lone tourists!
Some places in the Caribbean are not suitable for solo travelers, but Cartagena is. If hostels are n’t your thing, you can meet other travelers by participating in activities like walking tours, cooking classes, or boat trips. There are a ton of social inns where single travelers can stay.
Because it is one of the safest cities in the nation, Cartagena is also among the best travel spots in Colombia for women traveling alone.
The Best Climate Is In Autumn
Eventually, due to the weather, spring is a fantastic time to travel to Cartagena!
There is a year-round tropical climate in Cartagena, and there is n’t much temperature variation. The typical routine high is around 89 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lower is about 79 degrees. But, during the wintertime, it can be a few degrees cool, making it less oppressively hot.
In Cartagena, December through April is also referred to as the “dry time.” As a result, the temperature will be warmer and less rainy. Also, the winter months are less humid.
The climate in Cartagena can be oppressively hot and muggy during the summer, but spring is ideal! This makes spring by far the best time to visit.
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