Winter Edit: 3 Times in Breckenridge, Colorado

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Shortly after leaving Arkansas, Denver International Airport serves as the entrance to a wintertime child playground. Consider skipping, snowboarding, sledding, skiing in the snow, snowshoeing after mountain, and cuddles by the fire. We have frequently boarded flights for a brief trip getaway on the slopes. Here is my product to you: a 3-day plan that includes no agent fees. You have two options when flying into Denver: either hire a car or use the shuttle. The Colorado Mountain Express ( or Peak 1 Express ), which has a lengthy schedule to all the major mountain hubs ( Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, Copper Mountain, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Aspen, and Snowmass ), is arguably the most popular option for travelers ( and well known for regular CO visitors ). During peak time, tickets are generally$ 79 one way, and snow gear is simply accommodated on the shuttles. Verify your Vrbo account. Since Breckenridge is such a bustling city, I privately adore having my own place there. A holiday home works perfectly as a place to unwind for after skiing with the home or with large groups of friends because I’m typically out walking through Main Street, hiking, or trekking during the day. Next summer, we rented this Breckenridge Vrbo for LimitLes Colorado, and now I’m looking forward to going back. For 19 individuals, it had the ideal amount of entertaining room, outside amenities, and sleep arrangements. Rent your equipment. From Breckenridge Ski and Sport to Christy Sports to Black Tie Ski Concierge and everything in between, you can do this at one of Breck’s some rental businesses. Get a Tour Down Main Street. Ancient Main Street in Breckenridge is both adorable and entertaining. The historical area is home to several excellent cafes, bars, and neighborhood shops and has structures that are close to 100 years old. Main Street is a must-see, from lovely book stores to antique gift shops that are situated next to lovely gardens and parks. Old Man Berkin Used Bookstore is a good place to start because you do n’t see these around very often. When you do, it will be worthwhile to creak open some of the slightly tattered pages of old stories. Find a fix on gas. Woodward is located at 9, 600 feet. Visit the 02 Club if you need some more oxygen to help keep your blood oxygen levels higher and to prevent the altitude’s negative results. breakfast. Enter Tin Plate Pizza, the top restaurant in town. The 72-hour homemade bread and pie flour, 24 hour educated butter, and 12 hours braised bull short ribs are all examples of the family-owned and operated business that strives for the highest quality and invests time in the details, making them both works of cooking art. 8am: Before the slopes, grab a quick meal in your own Vrbo or get some gas at Cool River Coffee House. Look at Blue Moose or Columbine Cafe if you prefer a more leisurely meals. 9am: Free admission to the BreckConnect Gondola and the slopes ( but a mountain complete or scenic chair lift ticket are needed when there )! Five peaks ( Peak 6- 10 ) in Breckenridge are worth exploring because they are home to a variety of groomers, parks, and bowls. It’s time to explore the 2, 908 hectares of age-appropriate ground. Here are some interesting rock statistics: 1,908 acres of ski/ride terrain, operating since December 16, 1961, 9,600 feet of base elevation, 12, 998 feet above sea level.
600 acres/241 acres ( 29 percent of the total area ) are covered by Groomed Daily.
Bowls: 1, 061 acres / 429 hectares ( 35 percent of the total area )
25 hectares / 10 acres of ground gardens
600 acre / 243 acres are used for snowmaking.
Variety of Trails: 187
The longest path is Four O’Clock, which is 3.5 yards.
4 p.m.: After slopeside at Coppertop, T-Bar, or Robbie’s Tavern. Visit RMU if you’re in town for their ale garden. Are you in for a treat? Visit Mountain Top Cookie Shop on Main Street, Trolley Crepes, or Creppes a la Cart. With the family? Go inside to Eric’s. 7 p.m.: Visit Ember or Blue River Bistro for dinner and cocktails. You might be feeling the cliffs in your muscles, bones, and heart right now at 7:30 a.m. Yes, they treat you that way. Take a night school at Meta Yoga Studio, which is in the center of downtown Breckenridge near shops and restaurants, if you need to extend it out. During our LimitLes Breckenridge retreat next summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach in-studio. Eat breakfast in Amazing Grace, the cutest bright apartment, around the corner at 8:30 a.m. The breakfast burrito and Opus do n’t let you down. The cliffs are ready at 10 a.m. If you’re up for a little problem, go to one of the 5 Breckenridge mountains or even go on an organized wilderness ski trip. There are many other things to do in the area if you are n’t particularly interested in it today, such as a guided snowshoe tour.
canine sledding
Stephen C. West Ice Arena’s snow riding facility
Breck travels
BreckCreate art workshops ( something we did last summer during our LimitLes retreat )
Explore the Troll or Isak Heartstone, a sizable wooden sculpture made by Danish actor Thomas Dambo.
Post up at Breckenridge Distillery, the highest factory in the world.
Tour of the Gold Mines
Distillery Tour, Fat Bike Beer &amp
Climbing the Snow
Warm Chocolate Hike in Private
Ride in a monster truck sled
Practice with astronomy
Breakfast at Hearthstone Restaurant at 8 p.m. Delicious annual and regional recipes can be found on the menu of the old Victorian home that has been renovated. Monday AM: Saying goodbye is difficult! Breck, let’s get back to reality until the next day!