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It’s a famous road trip that crosses the northern portion of the famed Route 66. journey from Santa Monica, California, a coastal city, to Williams, Arizona—the Grand Canyon’s Gateway—and then on to Adrian, Texas, the halfway point of the well-known route. Along the way, you and your family will be in awe of the expansive open spaces, the shifting landscape, and the rich history to be found as you follow the original Mother Road. ( The full itinerary continues to Chicago. ) 1. This beachside community, located in Santa Monica, California, minutes from downtown Los Angeles, draws tourists with its picturesque vibe and extensive selection of sun-drenched options. The pedestrian-only Third Street Promenade is a sanctuary for tourists, museum visitors, and those who enjoy the weekly farmer’s areas. A Southern location, the Santa Monica Pier, has been a popular gathering place for more than 100 years. Take a detour past the recognizable entry gate and proceed to the traditional Ferris wheel for expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, check your entrance skills, and get ready for thrills on the roller coaster. Do n’t miss the vintage carousel, which goes well with a visit to the nearby, vintage soda fountain for treats. Depending on your point of view, Route 66 starts and ends below. But, for mementos or ideas for your upcoming path vacation, go to the store that is specifically focused on the Mother Road. Visit https ://www .santamonica.com2 for more information. Oatman, Arizona. Yes, it’s accurate. In this little town, which is tucked away along Route 66 in a Bureau of Land Management forest area, there are more exotic burros than people. The beavers are descendants of the original animals that coexisted with gold workers in the past. Yet veggies that can be fed to the four-legged animals are sold in some stores. If it were n’t for the Mother Road’s resurgence of interest, the vibrant town might have vanished into history. Of course, there are also the armadillos. Customers now follow the story of the Wild West ( be on the lookout for staged brawls on Main Street ), stroll along wide-planked wooden streets, go for a hike in the nearby forest areas, and dimly consider getting an adopted porridge. Visit website for more. Go to Arizona.com3. Arizona’s Williams This area in northeastern Arizona is situated on the final section of Route 66 that Interstate 40 willby-pass. It is tucked away in the pines. Traditional highway artifacts are displayed in whimsical shops and eateries amid traditional neon signs and vintage street lamps. On weekends, old-fashioned northern brawls are held in the middle of Main Street. In Bearzona, a near drive-through dog park, bear, elk, and wolves also roam free. The 3, 000-person vibrant community serves as the Grand Canyon’s entrance. Visitors can board lovingly restored rail cars in Williams and take a day trip ( or longer ) to the Grand Canyon Railway, which is located there. As the train travels through the picturesque, high-desert mountain between the ancient station and the largest canyon of them all, musicians and cowboy characters will keep you entertained along the way. More information: website. https ://experiencewilliams.com4 is the website Thetrain .org. The traditional El Rancho Hotel and traditional neon Route 66 signage can be found in Gallup, New Mexico, which is the most populous city between Flagstaff, Arizona, and Albuquerque. Hollywood stars who visited the area in the 1930s and 1940s to picture Westerns once called the lodge their home. Gallup is the center of Native American arts, story, and arts and is situated in the middle of the Navajo Reservation. Additionally well-liked for climbing, trekking, horseback riding, and hiking is the remarkable red rock region. Visit https ://gallup realtrue .com and www for more information. New Mexico The moment a group of researchers from Pixar arrived in this tiny town, which serves as the middle point of Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago, was altered by Adrian, Texas Life. The Flo, Mia, and Tia characters were inspired by the then-owner of the Midpoint Cafe and two servers at the restaurant, which became known as” Flo’s V- 8 Cafe” in the well-known animated film” Cars.” Their reconnaissance led to the fictional town of Radiator Springs. Customers can now stop by for “nostalgia meal,” test their renowned “Ugly Crust Pies,” and picture what life was like during the height of Route 66. More information: website. Author Lynn O’Rourke Hayes ( LO ), family travel specialist, and ardent explorer. Find out more about traveling on, Facebook, or Online @lohayes. &# 13,
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