World Tourism Network’s Resilience Time Statement

This year, Jamaica will actually celebrate World Tourism Resilience Day with heads of state and the UN Tourism Secretary General to recognize this nation’s accomplishment in adding this significant day to the standard United Nations Calendar.
Why is the minister of Jamaica a WTN hospitality warrior?
Due to Jamaica and the accomplishment of WTN Hero Award winner Hon. The world is celebrating tourism’s endurance, according to Edmund Bartlett, the minister of tourism for Jamaica.
The World Tourism Network, whose Tourism Resilience was introduced within this business in a much smaller approach in Berlin in 2020, also understands this.
The UN declares World Hospitality Resilience Day to be a holiday.
Because of the endurance of commerce and the 100+ Zoom discussions it has had with world tourism leaders, the World Tourism Network was only recently established.
On the sidelines of an ITB trade show that was postponed on 2020 as COVID- 19 took over the restoration. eTurboNews, PATA, and the African Tourism Board all started talking about traveling at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin.
The World Tourism Network was created as a result of Rebuilding Travel.
The restoration hospitality program was renamed the World Tourism Network as a result of this debate.
Four years later, WTN users continue to be dedicated to commerce tenacity with 19, 000+ supporters spread across 133 nations. At a time when no one knew how terrible COVID- 19 did get, WTN started the second restoration debate on it in 2020 out of resilience.
World Tourism Network is celebrating its 4th day in Berlin, Germany, the city where it all started in 2020, with ITB 2024 taking place the following month.
WTN has a particular significance for Global Tourism Resilience Day.
It explains why World Tourism Network people and the people who founded this business have a special meaning for Global Tourism Resilience Day.
Juergen Steinmetz, Chairman of the World Tourism Network and the editor of eTurboNews, came up with the initial concept for the meeting in Berlin.
WTN Chairman’s Statement on the Resilience of World Hospitality
WTN Chair Juergen Steinmetz
” In 133 states, The World Tourism Network extends its congratulations to our 19, 000+ people and followers. Users of the international travel and tourism sector as a whole are involved in this endurance issue. The base of our industry is represented by the small and medium-sized businesses that make up our Network.
” To create this business successful and adaptable, it takes people.” Tourism is a fresh industry because it is only 150 years older. But, this industry had never before encountered as many difficulties, sudden and unexpected circumstances, and changes. Such difficulties wo n’t go away. Climate change will continue to occur. Tourism as a people’s economy, source of peace, and conduit for social exchange will endure. The people who work in hospitality not only contend with one another but also create a global community of friends who are united by an objective. The United Nations, WTTC, PATA, SKAL, IIPT, and numerous other organizations may be commended for their efforts to bring this group together and create a framework that makes it an equitable place to work.
Tones from all over the world:
On Twitter and other social media platforms, content from all over the planet can be seen.
Building Resilience and Embracing Change: Up, We Shape the Future of Tourism
ICCDI in Africa
This clear the way for a more robust and long-lasting go future. Collectively, we overcome obstacles, embrace innovation, and create a tourism market that endures.
UNDP in Africa
One of the industries with the fastest economic growth is hospitality, which can promote growth in Nigeria and Africa.
In honor of# GlobalTourismResilienceDay, we are concentrating on# ZumaRock, a natural attraction with enormous potential to boost Nigeria’s economy through tourism.
Let’s take a look at some of our business experts ‘ opinions on Maldives tourism resilience as we observe World Tourism Resilience Day today.
Today is# GlobalTourismResilienceDay &amp, which is a great time to reflect on all the challenges the tourism sector faces and concentrate on our strengths and subjects while implementing sustainable tourism.
UNDP Bosnia andamp,Herzegovina
A brighter, more sustainable future is made possible by every action taken towards responsible and resilient commerce.
UNDP of Mauritius
Tourism is a significant source of income and work. Learn how Mauritius #SDGInvestorMap is promoting resilient hospitality by luring private capital towards Eco-Tourist Development &amp, Value Chains on# GlobalTourismResilienceDay.
UNDP Seychelles
Tourism is a significant source of income and work. Discover how the Seychelles #SDGInvestorMap is promoting resilient hospitality by luring private funding to eco-cultural tourism growth on# GlobalTourismResilienceDay.
Pakistan’s Raqami Islamic Digital Bank
Out of 140 nations, Pakistan is the most competitive in the hospitality industry. Raqami discusses issues in Pakistan’s tourism industry on# GlobalTourismResilienceDay. A adaptable framework with sufficient resources is essential to safely increase competitiveness.
Wales ‘ southwest
Today is# GlobalTourismResilienceDay. Our# CommunityLed# SustainableTourism Project seeks to advance sustainable tourism in# SouthWestWales by streamlining travel options, developing eco-friendly enticing journeys, and empowering local communities.
UN Environment Change
1/4 of CO2 pollution come from the transportation industry. When traveling or taking a vacation, you can reduce your carbon footprint and aid in the fight against climate change by choosing green transportation choices.
UNWFP South Africa
Observing# GlobalTourismResilienceDay, traditional restaurants will be highlighted as a shining example of technology in fostering commerce through strong food systems.
Southern Africa’s hospitality industry is crucial. It encourages relationships between people and nature, positively promotes our biodiversity, and inspires the responsible use of natural resources. Tourism that is responsible and stable is our way of life.
We collaborated with our TeamCoral friend Abkamall to create a list of DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind when jumping with corals for World Tourism Resilience Day, which falls on February 17.
Geneva United Nations
Responsible tourism is a multidisciplinary endeavor that can help achieve Global Goals by promoting economic growth, eradicating poverty, and generating full and ample employment opportunities for everyone.
International Tourism Network Statement on International Tourism Resilience Day, by eTurboNews| ETN