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New England’s charming region is renowned for its exquisite and endearing atmosphere. Explore the small towns of New England to fully appreciate the beauty of this country.
It’s like opening a time capsules to wander around these tiny cities. These lovely locations are a far cry from the busy places, which are home to charming streets lined with ancient colonial architecture and loving, cheery communities that are standing on their porches.
Small towns in New England exude an air of amazing charm and a nice break from the norm.
However, if you’re unsure of the most lovely New England towns to visit, here are a few of our favorites that you simply must visit.
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New England’s Best Small Towns 1. Massachusetts ‘ Plymouth,2. Vermont’s Burlington,3. Maine’s Bar Harbor 4. New Hampshire’s Merrimack, 5. Maine’s Camden6. Massachusetts ‘ Chatham7 Connecticut, Greenwich8. Rhode Island’s Jamestown 9. Vermont’s Rutland, 10. Groton, New York 11. Massachusetts ‘ Stockbridge, 12. Vermont’s Stowe13. Connecticut’s Essex 14 Massachusetts ‘ Oak Mountains, 15 More New England Travel AdvicePortsmouth, New HampshirePin to Save on Pinterest
The Best New England Small Towns
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are all part of New England, which is located in the northeast of the United States. Test rental costs and availability around if you need a hire car in New England.
The next settlements are dispersed throughout the area.
1. Massachusetts ‘ Plymouth
Plymouth provides a window into the nation’s first history and is regarded as the birthplace of the traveller story in America.
The Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock, two iconic landmarks, tell the story of the town where the travellers first set foot on American soil.
Plymouth Rock is certainly worthwhile. It is a stone with the year 1620 carved into it, which dates back to when the travellers first arrived at the beach.
What’s the point? You can connect with actors dressed as pilgrims and members of the Wampanoag tribe at the Plymouth Plantation. Children will adore the interactive experience because it is kid-friendly.
At the Pilgrim Hall Museum, which is home to a stunning collection of artifacts and expresses, delve deeper into the past.
Additionally, do n’t miss the Plimoth Grist Mill, a living example of history that highlights the milling customs of the community.
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2. Vermont’s Burlington,
Burlington, one of the best small towns in New England, feels more isolated and peaceful because it is n’t really close to any major thoroughfares like I-95. Because of this, it’s the ideal off-the-beaten path New England street vacation destination.
Burlington, which was steeped in history, thrived as a thriving lumber and manufacturing hub in the 19th century, leaving behind an impressive technological legacy.
During the middle of the 1800s, the bustling shore was once the third-largest hardwood slot in the nation. However, today, you may love Lake Champlain and other oddities like the tallest filing cabinet from the waterfront park. This small town has plenty to enjoy.
At the Pilgrim Hall Museum, which displays Revolutionary War-era artifacts, immerse yourself in Burlington’s history.
Do n’t miss Battery Park, a historic location where the War of 1812 was fought.
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3. Maine’s Bar Harbor
You must visit the tiny island of Mount Desert Island in Maine if you truly want a full weekend stay in New England.
Bar Harbor, which was formerly known as Eden and became a well-liked summer resort location in the early 20th centuries, is the little village on the island.
Taking a scenic drive along Acadia National Park’s lovely Park Loop Road, or visit famous landmarks like the Bar Harbor Historical Society and the recognizable table Harbor Inn.
A whale-watching excursion, which gives you the chance to view migratory whales off the coast, may be fun for animal lovers.
Additionally, there are vehicle trips available throughout the year, and you can discover new information about the Rockefellers!
Bar Harbor is not to be missed because of its amazing natural charm. Do n’t pass up the opportunity to sample the region’s renowned seafood, particularly lobster rolls.
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4. New Hampshire’s Merrimack
Because there are so many breweries ( both beer and wine ) in the area, Merrimack must be included in your romantic getaway plans in New England.
Merrimack is a secret pearl that is just waiting to be found in Hillsborough County.
This city, which was first settled by the Penacook Indians, has a long history in Native American culture.
Visit the Merrimack Historical Society to find out more about the area’s interesting past, or take a fishing or fishing trip to take in the picturesque beauty of the Mermack River.
Do n’t pass up the chance to take a hike along Horse Hill Nature Preserve’s picturesque trails, which offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area.
Along the numerous roads you can climb around, it is truly breathtaking to watch the fall foliage change colour.
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5. 5. Maine’s Camden,
Camden Hills State Park is one of the less well-known New England holiday destinations.
Camden is an ancient and traditional city with a lot to offer that is tucked away in Maine’s picturesque Mid-Cote area.
This lovely New England town, which was founded in 1769, got its name from Charles Pratt, the first Earl of Camden and a major figure in American history.
Visit the Camden-Rockport Historical Society and look at displays that depict the daily lives of Maine people in the 18th and 19th centuries to learn more about the area’s history.
You can see Penobscot Bay and Camden from the summit of Mount Battie. During the correct times of the year, the tiny town also offers harbor cruises and whale watching excursions. Do n’t pass up the chance to experience the thrill of schooner sailing, which captures the essence of Camden’s maritime past.
In the winter, you can also go to Snow Bowl Ski Resort for some fantastic riding.
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6. 6. Massachusetts ‘ Chatham
During your trip to New England, you ca n’t miss this adorable beach town on the south-east corner of Cape Cod.
Chatham has a long history of African American ancestry and Western influence, dating back to 1606 when Samuel de Champlain second arrived there.
Explore the lovely roadways lined with quaint shops and boutiques, or stroll along picturesque shores like Lighthouse Beach.
Visit Chatham Lighthouse right away to take in the breathtaking sights of the Atlantic Ocean.
It’s the place to be, from immaculate beaches to stunning and historic buildings with breathtaking landscapes.
Do n’t forget to visit the Chatham Railroad Museum if you’re interested in railroads.
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7. 7. Connecticut’s Greenwich,
Greenwich has it all, from boating in Long Island Sound to admiring gilded-age houses and ancient colonial-style properties.
This lovely area has fascinating tales to tell, with its rich historical foundations dating again to 1640. Greenwich is steeped in fascinating history, from its first lawsuit by Dutch colonists to its function as a border area between New Netherland and New England.
However, it’s not just the history that makes Greenwich a must-see location. The beautiful Greenwich Point Park, the fascinating Bruce Museum, and the charming Putnam Cottage are just a few of the town’s many attractions.
It makes for a great place to start if you’re traveling to New England because it’s only an hour from New York City.
Great Captain Island, which can be reached by rapid boat, is a well-known New England interest.
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8. 8. Rhode Island’s Jamestown
Jamestown, Rhode Island, has everything with buildings, shores, and palaces.
Jamestown has so much to do with its rich sea traditions and picturesque surroundings.
To learn more about the town’s history, visit the Beavertail Lighthouse and Park, Fort Wetherill State Park and the Jamestown Windmill. Alternatively, stroll along the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge to take in the amazing views.
Visit Newport’s Fort Adams State Park, which is 25 minutes across the valley and offers swimming, flying, and events throughout the year.
Visit Castle Hill Lighthouse as well; it is officially on Newport Island, which is close to Jamestown. Jamestown’s city area is also very attractive and a pleasant place to explore.
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9. Vermont’s Rutland
What more could you ask for in Rutland, a charming little town in New England, than treks, children’s museums, and castles from the 19th century?
Rutland, which is tucked away in the gorgeous state of Vermont, has a rich history. It was founded in 1761 and was formerly the capital of Vermont as well as a significant hub for the state’s production and transportation industries.
Discover the remains of Rutland’s former stone industry, which once thrived in the region, or marvel at the 1810-built west rusted-ocean architecture of the academy.
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10. Connecticut’s Groton
The Navy ships in Groton have to be one of the best New England destinations.
Here, you can see everything watery, including the Mystic Aquarium, their underwater museum, and an old, inoperable whaling ship.
First European settlers used Groton’s location for shipping and underwater production after it was established in 1646 as a part of New London.
You can visit the Underwater Force Library and Museum to learn more about the tradition of the Navy’s boats, or you can discover maritime history at the Mystic Seaport Museum.
Groton is even near to Mystic, a community that rose to fame following its appearance in Julia Roberts ‘ film MyStic Pizza.
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11. Massachusetts ‘ Wentworth
Credit: Deposit Photos Stockbridge is a charming town that was formerly settled as the Christian mission known as Indian Town. It is located in the center of Massachusetts in The Berkshire, an memorable location.
Explore the Mission House, a relic of first preacher efforts towards the nearby Mohican tribe, or stroll down Main Street and take in the ancient architecture.
If you enjoy Norman Rockwell, make sure to stop by his exhibition while you’re there.
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12. Vermont’s Stowe
Another Vermont city that draws tourists with its rich history is Stowe, but it also draws people for another purpose.
If you’re looking for New England cities to spend the winter in, head to the classic Stowe Mountain Resort, which is renowned for its world-class riding and dazzling white hill landscapes.
Explore Mount Mansfield’s beautiful hiking and biking trails in the summer, or tour serenely along the Waterbury Reservoir.
Stowe is the ideal location because of its fusion of natural beauty and background.
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13. Connecticut’s Essex
Credit: Deposit Photos Located along the gorgeous Connecticut River, Essex’s Potapoug Point, which was once a bustling port city and manufacturing hub, beckons you to slow down.
Explore the remnants of the Battle of Essex at the British getting page, or stroll along the ancient New England Main Street lined with houses that date back to Essex’s shipping heyday.
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14. 14. Massachusetts ‘ Oak Hills
One of the most interesting towns in New England is Oak Bluffs, which was once a part of Edgartown and borders Nantucket Sound. It is tucked away on the alluring Martha’s Vineyard.
There are reportedly only 5, 341 individuals living in the town, but summertime is when it is at its busiest because so many people move around.
Visit the Oak Bluffs Historical Commission to learn more about the town’s architectural heritage or taking a stroll through the charming roadways lined with ancient gingerbread houses.
The Flying Horse Carousel, the country’s oldest running program carousels, is a must-see for tourists who want to take advantage of the beautiful beaches. Read our article on Martha’s Vineyard activities.
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15.. 15. New Hampshire’s Bristol
Portsmouth is another significant manufacturing facility and hunting area that is worth exploring. It is located on the picturesque shoreline of New Hampshire.
Visit well-known locations like Strawberry Banke, which provide a glimpse into Portsmouth’s imperial past, stroll through the charming roadways lined with historic buildings, or take in the breathtaking views from the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.
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