A Guide to Traveling in Malta: Getting Around choices

Malta is a tourist’s sanctuary thanks to its rich history, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture. Understanding the various transport options available will help you get the most out of your trip to this island in the Mediterranean. This manual will make it simple for you to manage Malta, from renting a car and learning how to drive on the left to exploring Valletta, Gozo, and other charming towns and docks.
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Purchasing a vehicle
Taking a kept turn
Congested Bridges
Individuals from Malta
Valetta and Rental Cars
Malta Without a Vehicle
Services for Ride-sharing
Van Transportation
Explore Card for 7 days
12 Day Trips ( €15 )
Vehicle System Design
Bus-related software
Malta’s Climb- on Fly off Trucks
Hop-on-hop-off trucks-Gozo
Tours with a guide
traversing Valletta
Formed Cars for Horses
Ships to the Three Cities and Sliema
travel by boat to Silesia
the boat terminal
Elevator Barrakka Lift
Cruise the Harbor
a bus stop
Getting to Comino and Gozo

a transportation
Unless you are in the southeast part of the main beach during rush hour, when it is obvious that there are far too many vehicles for the smaller place and you should be prepared to wait in traffic, the majority of ranges on the island are fairly small. This holds true whether you’re riding in a tour bus, Uber, or rented car. Try to avoid being in that area trying to get there at the end of the work time ( 5- 6 pm ) if you want to maximize your time traveling and reduce the amount of time you spend in visitors. At that time of evening, I’ve seen it take 10 to 15 minutes just to get from one vehicle stop to the next.
Purchasing a vehicle
Renting a vehicle is one of the most practical ways to get around Malta. You are free to stray from the beaten route and find undiscovered treasures as a result. If you are staying close to Valetta but want to get to the island’s eastern or northern regions quickly, this may be particularly true.
Taking the Left
Driving on the left side of the road is a European custom that Malta adheres to. Take some time to get used to this before driving if you are n’t already. When I have a co-pilot who can assist with navigation and you, when necessary, yell” Keep quit, keep left,” I prefer to drive on the left when traveling.
Congested Bridges
Malta’s appeal can be found in its winding, narrow streets. Although they enhance the gorgeous landscape, they can be difficult to navigate, particularly in filled areas. Choose a smaller vehicle to make it easier to navigate these bridges. Malta is rarely flat, so you might want to pay more for an automatic transmission if you struggle to operate a standard ( stick ) vehicle.
Vehicles in Maltese
Although most visitors are pleasant, driving habits may become aggressive. When driving through small turns and in metropolitan areas, use caution. I discovered that the visitors I encountered were the other Maltese owners ‘ worst critics. Having driven in many different nations, I did not believe they stood out from other vehicles in the Mediterranean region.
Valetta and rental trucks
Do n’t anticipate driving around in the city of Valetta if you have a rental car. Honestly, this walled-off medieval city was n’t designed for automobiles. Depending on where your resort or house is in the area, you might be able to travel there or not.
Except on evenings and weekends, there is a congestion command when driving in Valetta. Access is free for the first 30 days. Access for longer than 30 days and up to 60 days costs €0.82. The price is €0.82 per minute for entry lasting longer than 60 minutes, with a peak charge set at €6.52.
If you decide to rent a car, the best way to get to the area is to park it in one of Floriana’s sizable parking lots €4 and then proceed to enter.
Malta Without a Vehicle
Do you require transportation in Malta? No. It is not difficult to travel without a vehicle in Malta. The bus system is broad, and there is ride-sharing. Without a vehicle, the best place to sit in Malta is not far from Valetta. You have the option of staying in Floriana, outside the city, or in Sliema across the bay, where you can take a bridge to get to the downtown area.
I stayed in Floriana at the welcoming Tritoni Valletta Boutique Hotel, which is just a little distance from Valetta’s major entrance and the bus stop. The Londoner Hotel Sliema is located right on the shoreline and is only a short distance from the SLIMa Ferry.
The town of Victoria, which serves as the main town on the island and the hub of the vehicle pathways, is the best place to stay in Gozo without a vehicle. The Duke Boutique Hotel, which is located two stones from the main vehicle stop, is a good choice. Additionally, it is only a short distance down the hill from Citadella.
Services for Ride-sharing
I read a number of blogs prior to my current trip to Malta that claimed there was no Airbnb it. A banner advertising its presence on the island was almost the first thing I noticed when I exited the main airport baggage claim. In Malta, ride-hailing service like Uber, GoTaxi, and Bolt are offered. For those who prefer not to drive, they offer a practical solution.
Although you can compare prices between the various apps, I did n’t notice a significant price difference because many drivers are driving for various services.
On Gozo, one Uber driver admitted to purposefully deviating from the path the game was directing him to take. He discovered that the app was attempting to lead him along a cliff’s small dirt path, which was not particularly secure. Ideally, your ride-sharing vehicle will be extremely knowledgeable.
Routes for Gozo buses
Van System
The common bus system in Malta is a cost-effective and effective mode of transportation. On my most recent excursion to Malta, I almost entirely took the vehicle; I only used Ubers to get to and from the airport. Cars in Malta have wi-fi.
This is a cost-effective opportunity for travelers because vehicle tickets are reasonably priced. A vehicle ticket prices €2 during the day and €3 at night for the majority of buses.
For the TD ( Tallinja Direct ) routes, which make fewer stops and frequently move more quickly than other buses on a similar route, that cost is €3.
7-day Explore Card
As I did on my vacation, you can buy a Tallinja bus go for unlimited travel for 7 nights. It’s a wise financial decision for those looking to visit several places. The price is €21 for parents and €15 for kids.
A vehicle move can also be purchased at the airports arrival lounge at various locations in Malta, but the main bus stop on Gozo in Victoria or Malta in Valetta is the simplest place to do so.
Caution: I purchased a vehicle move with great assurance, but I was informed on the first vehicle I boarded that I could not use it. A TD ( Tallinja Direct ) bus route will not accept the 7-day Explore Card. A more expensive bus pass that will cover TD routes is mentioned in some resources I read in line, but it does n’t appear to be available on the Malta public transportation website anymore.
12 Day Trips ( €15 )
If you purchase the 12 Single Day Journeys go, you can purchase a group of 12 vehicle adventures for the reduced amount of €1.25 per trip. This pass is valid for TD buses, but each path costs €2.5 and is counted as two of your 12 journeys.
Vehicle System Design
The main bus station on Malta’s main area, Valetta, serves as its main hub, though other hubs include the airport and the university. The bus stop in Victoria serves as Gozo’s primary gateway.
Bus-related software
Obtain apps like Tallinja to properly prepare your routes and track real-time bus arrivals. I combined the Google Maps software and the Tallinja app. I ca n’t say that I thought either of them were very adept at foreseeing the arrival of the next bus. Additionally, the vehicle stop symptoms were useless for that. There were a few times when I was in the ideal situation at the perfect time, but the bus did n’t stop anyhow. However, this is probably the gripe of vehicle passengers in several nations.
Hop-on-hop-off trucks in Malta
The Hop-on Hop- off buses in Malta may be a good alternative for you if you do n’t want to drive and instead prefer to spend your time at the typical tourist attractions. Public buses can be used to get to these same locations, but transportation does require more work, and vehicle connections will probably be required more frequently.
All of these cars are your typical double-deckers, and the top deck is better for a moment with nicer weather because it is open to the sky.
The tours can be purchased with an additional boat journey and include an audio link while on board. The cars have wireless connectivity.
a title
Make a plan
South Road
8:00 am to 1:00 am
Approximately 180 Minutes
60 seconds
Route North
08:00 am to 11:00 am
210 seconds
60 Seconds
11: 00 am to 11:00 am
210 seconds
30 Seconds
11: 30 am to 2:30 am
210 Seconds
59 Seconds
Arrival days for the North Route from Stop N1: 08: 00, 09: 10: 100, 11: 30, 12, 30, 13, 30, and 14: 30.
Time for South Route withdrawal from Stop S10: 09: 05, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15
Northwestern Route:
1 Bugibba ( St Paul’s Bay ) ( Topaz Hotel/Pebbles Resort )
2 Bugibba ( Pebbles Resort ) ( St. Paul’s Bay )
3 Seatrips Outlet at Bugibba Jetty
4 Bugibba Center ( HSBC is across the street )
St. Paul’s Bay, 5 Bugibba ( Santana Hotel )
St. Paul’s Bay, Malta National Aquarium
Vehicle halt opposite the hotel at 7 Qawra Palace in St. Paul’s Bay.
8 Qawra Seafront ( Sightseeing Outlet across from City )
( St. Paul’s Bay ) 9 Bellavista Hotel
10 ITS Roundabout ( St. Julian’s, Radisson &amp, Corinthia Hotels )
11 St. George’s Bay ( CitySightseeing route stage )
12 Westin Dragonara ( St. Julians )
St. Julian’s 13 Hilton Roundabout
Spinola Bay, 14
Balluta Bay, 15 ( next to the temple ),
The Preluna Hotel is located across the street from 16 Sliema Seafront.
Sliema Ferries, 17
18 Opposite Bayview Hotel ( Gira ) ( CitySightseeing )
19 Valletta City Center
20 Valletta Waterfront Terminus ( South route is changed )
Brewery Knowledge 21 Farsons
San Anton Gardens, 22
Church of Mosta 23
Aviation Museum 24 Ta ‘ Qali
25 Valetta Glass
26 Mdina Glass
Village of Ta ‘ Qali Crafts 27
Main Gate 28 Mdina
29 Skorba
30 Golden Bay
Route South
10 ITS Roundabout ( Radisson &amp, Hotel Corinthia )
CitySightseeing is located at 11 St. George’s Bay.
12 Westin Dragonara
St. Julian’s 13 Hilton Roundabout
Spinola Bay, 14
15 Balluta Bay ( next to the church of Bali )
Opposite Preluna Hotel: 16 Sliema Beach
Sliema Ferries, 17
18 opposite Bayview Hotel ( Gira ) ( CitySightseeing location )
19 Valletta City Center
Malta Experience/Fort St. Elmo 20 Valletta
21 Waterfront Terminus in Valletta
Waterfront 22 Vittoriosa
23 Esplora Science Center ( Kalkara )
fishing community of Marsaxlokk 24
25 Ghar Dalam Cave
Blue Grotto 26
27 Mnajdra Temples, Hagar Qim &amp
Climb on Fly off Buses-Gozo
On this smaller island, Gozo even has hop-on, hop- off trucks with 2 various routes but fewer stops. The service runs from 9:45 am to 5:00 pm ( the final bus leaves ).
Make a plan
11:35 to 17:30
55 Seconds
45 seconds
09: 45- 15 :45.
90 Seconds
45 seconds
The Blue Route
10 Victoria to Marsalforn
11 Marsalforn Street
12 shrines dedicated to Ggantija
13 Ramla
14 Nadur.
15 Mgarr.
Route Purple:
Mgarr, 1
2 Xewkija
3 Ingenuity of Savina
To Dwejra, 4 Victoria
Ta’Dbiegi 5
Dwejra 6
Ta’Pinu 7
Fontana Cottage, number 8
9 Xlendi
Cathedral in Valletta called St. John’s Co.
Tours with a guide
A guided tour is a more costly but more enjoyable way to visit the locations. On Malta, there are numerous guided tour choices, including party, walking, foods, and specialty tours that take you exactly where you want to go. An knowledge can also be improved with the right guidance.
traversing Valletta
The investment of Malta, Valletta, is a historical and charming treasure trove. One of the most stunning cities in the world, according to me, is the whole town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The best way to explore Valletta is on base. Explore its winding lanes, look for secret shops, and indulge yourself in its past. Another fantastic way to explore the area is by taking a food or walking tour. Valetta is situated on rocks, so I may warn you. It is not a wonderful area for people with mobility issues when you combine that with boulders. Having a link at the Valetta Co- Temple was especially enjoyable for me.
Horse-drawn cars
By choosing a horse-drawn carriage ride, you can practice Valletta’s romance and take in the city in its distinctive and relaxed manner.
Sliema and the Three Cities by ferry
For a spectacular and rapid journey between Valletta and nearby towns like Sliema and the Three Cities, take the ferry. The bridge is inexpensive and fast, and it offers a great view of the state’s walls, but it will still take some walking up the hill from the bridge terminal to the main plaza of Valeta.
Sicily by boat
Consider taking the ferry to Sicily for a morning trip to experience European culture and history.
connector for cruises
The connector is well-connected and makes it simple to discover Valletta and the surrounding area if you arrive by cruise.
Elevator Barrakka Lift
A pull connects the Grand Harbour to the city center on the southern part of Valetta, facing the Three Cities, offering breathtaking landscapes and practical exposure. The floor is located at the Upper Barrakka and makes it simple to get to the boat dock, the quick Gozo bridge, and the waters taxis. It was one euros.
Cruise the Harbor
When you are in Valetta, I would strongly advise taking a port cruise. The water is the best place to view Valetta and its amazing defenses. When I first arrived on the island, this was the first thing I did, and it served as a great introduction to Valetta and the nearby holds, including the Three Cities.
a bus stop
The main bus stop in Valletta serves as a starting point for exploring Malta’s other regions. It is situated close to the main town entrance.
Getting to Comino and Gozo
Regular ferry services run between Malta and Gozo. The company is fast and reasonably priced. Just €4.65 will be charged to passengers on the boat that travels from Malta’s northernmost point to Gozo. The cost of a car and driver is €15.70 if you choose to drive one. The journey lasts 30 days and the boats depart every 45 days. On table the boat, there is Wi-Fi and some food service.
There is also a high-speed bridge that costs €7.50 and travels from Valetta to Gozo in 45 minutes.
Many of the tour tours in Gozo and Comino use a personal ship, but many of them only use the regular community ferry. Before you buy a journey, make sure to read the reviews and the specifics of each one.
creator by Valetta’s main entrance
Malta offers a wide range of travel options to suit every tourist’s needs, whether they prefer to rent cars, use public transportation, or go exploring on foot. You can make the most of your time exploring Malta by being aware of the subtleties of each method.
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