Bangkok More to Help Tourists Avoid Overcharging and Fraud

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ( BMA ) announced a multi- pronged approach to safeguard foreign tourists from overcharging and scams on Thursday.
This program comes in response to concerns about tourists being targeted by i- tuk and taxi drivers, pressured to attend certain shops, and facing different forms of exploitation.
BMA Permanent Secretary Wanthanee Wattana outlined the key steps:
Iot- controlled monitoring:
The BMA will utilize its extensive network of security devices and artificial intelligence technology to find traffic violations, sellers blocking streets, and improper driving in areas frequented by tourists.
Documentation system:
Tuk- tuks, taxis, and shops registered with the BMA will get stickers signifying their devotion to reasonable pricing and humane treatment of tourists. Moreover, signage will become installed to inform visitors about possible scams.
Joint police:
The BMA will work with other federal agencies to identify and prosecute people engaging in overspending and deceptive techniques.
Public attention:
The BMA plans to distribute valuable details for tourists, including incident contact numbers and guides listing reputable businesses with reasonable prices.
These methods aim to enhance the safety and security of international visitors, promoting a more favorable tourism experience in Bangkok. SOURCE: Bangkok Steps Up Efforts to Protect Tourists from Overcharging and Scams BY: eTurboNews | eTN
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