Delta emerges from the gate powerful.

Today’s radio looks at Delta’s large first quarter, Brazil’s delayed card needs, and the factors behind business travel agency merger.
Rashaad Jorden, author of the airline industry’s “business traveling rebound,” reports Meghna Maharishi. In what is typically a slow period for airlines, Delta Air Lines posted a first-quarter profit. During the company’s earnings call, Delta President Glen Hauenstein stated that corporate travel sales were up 14 % from last year. He added the technologies, customer service and financial service companies led the raise. In addition, Delta saw record profits for local travel during the first quarter. In contrast to the$ 363 million lost the firm experienced during the same time last year, the company made a$ 37 million first-quarter profit. Second, Brazil has postponed reinstating its immigration need for customers from Australia, Canada and the U. S. until 2025, writes World Tourism Reporter Dawit Habtemariam. This year, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ratified a decree stating the suspension. The Argentine government has delayed the visa requirement for the next time, which was supposed to start in January. Since 2019, people of the three states have been able to travel to Brazil without a visa. Lastly, just, there have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions of corporate travel agencies. Contributor Justin Bachman identifies two significant components that are responsible for the pattern. According to Bachman, go suppliers, particularly airlines, are looking to expand their distribution channels and increase their ability to raise capital for tech investments. Manufacturers want their distribution channels to offer a modern retail practice, according to Amex GBT CEO Paul Abbott. However, Mike McCormick, previous head of the Global Business Travel Association, said the largest corporate travel agencies companies have been forced to invest heavily in technology due to pressure from flights. Airlines are switching from the standard international distribution system design to a strong New Distribution Capability platform for more of their fares.