Digital Nomads’ Asian Choice

Vietnam is a top pick among digital nomads in Southeast Asia due to its extended visa options, affordable living expenses, and scenery, making it an excellent place to work remotely while enjoying the country’s beauty.

A remote worker in Ho Chi Minh City has praised Vietnam’s generous visa policy, citing it as a significant advantage for digital nomads. Comparing it favorably to other Southeast Asian countries, the worker highlighted the convenience of Vietnam’s 90-day tourist visa, contrasting it with shorter stays in Thailand and stricter conditions in Indonesia and Malaysia. Enjoying the flexibility afforded by this policy, the worker spends a significant portion of their time engaging in web programming from local cafes and exploring the city’s diverse culinary and cultural offerings. The appeal of Vietnam lies in its conducive environment for remote work, coupled with its attractions and English proficiency, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads.

Vietnam began issuing 90-day tourist visas to citizens worldwide starting August 15 this year, expanding its accessibility. Meanwhile, among Southeast Asian nations, only Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia provide visas tailored for digital nomads, albeit with stringent criteria.

Indonesia demands visa applicants to showcase a bank balance of at least 2 billion Indonesian rupiahs ($130,000), while Malaysia requires remote workers to exhibit an annual income exceeding $24,000. For the digital nomad visa category, applicants must earn a minimum of $80,000 per year, possess a master’s degree, and be employed by a company meeting specific financial criteria, including being publicly listed or having a combined revenue of at least $150 million in the three years before the visa application.

Vietnam’s tourist cities offer a dual advantage for digital nomads: apart from the accommodating visa policies, the affordable cost of living proves especially advantageous for those arriving from Europe, where expenses are generally higher.

Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City have newly entered the top 10 rapidly expanding remote work hubs for digital nomads, as per Nomad List, a prominent database of remote workers worldwide.

According to the report, the monthly cost of living for digital nomads in Da Nang averages $942.

Vietnam’s increasing appeal among digital nomads owes partly to its landscapes and notably low crime rates, contributing significantly to its growing recognition within the community.

SOURCE: Digital Nomads’ Asian Choice