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Home » American Travel News » Stargazing Soars as Top Travel Trend: Discover The Major 15 U. S. Camping World’s Most Recent ResearchFavoriteAstrotourism has become a top vacation trend this season, especially with the onset of pleasant conditions, making it the ideal time to take on a stargazing adventure. Camping World has compiled a list of the 15 most common US highway trips for stargazing from research conducted across over 50 US locations. You can do this at any time and experience the divine know of the night sky. The top 15 most sought-after US locations for stargazing are as follows :Position – Location – State – Monthly Search Size ( MSV)Glacier National Park – Montana – 368,000 Acadia National Park – Maine– 246,000 Big Bend National Park – Texas – 201,000=3. Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado – 201,000 Arches National Park – Utah – 165,000=5. Joshua Tree National Park – California – 165,000=5. Olympic National Park – Washington – 165,000 Badlands National Park – South Dakota – 110,000=8. Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona – 110,000 Death Valley National Park – California – 90,500=10. Wonderful Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado – 90,500 Canyonlands National Park – Utah – 74,000=12. Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado – 74,000=12. North Cascades National Park – Washington– 74,000 Bryce Canyon National Park – Utah– 60,500 Gazing up at the stars offers a pleasant respite from today’s fast-paced world, despite the increasing problems posed by gentle waste. Luckily, Camping World has analyzed over 50 places to present you with the best 15 US spots for stargazing. So, get your head and a warm cover, and happiness in the universe’s splendor. If you are interested in featuring this articles, please let me know. I am glad to give images, natural data, samples, or any other support you may need. Subscribe to our Ezines » Up to PageFollow Travel And Tour World in Google NewsRelated Posts