Here’s how you can use this easy vacation hack to book more than 50 free flights like I did.

Ten years ago, when my husband learned about” go phishing,” he was determined to learn it. His new understanding was put to the test when we planned a trip to Oregon. He booked our reservations there and back for free after planning for about six times. Since finally, we’ve taken more than 50 airlines, almost all of which we paid for with credit card details. I was worried about our credit score declining during the early days of travel hacking, but my father Jeff, an award-winning financial advisor, assured me that the free trip process only requires two rules to avoid any potential problems, and those steps are things you should already be taking, such as paying your credit card statement balance on time to prevent paying interest and keeping several credit cards available for the long term. I’ll explain exactly how you can gain and apply credit card points to guide that ideal vacation and travel it for free with those two straightforward rules in mind. Simply put, vacation hacking for free flights is just a tactical strategy to take advantage of credit card rewards and flight loyalty programs. Credit Card Points 101 You can earn points or miles by choosing travel reward credit cards, meeting saving requirements to receive sizable sign-up bonuses, and avoiding monthly fees. Finally, those benefits can be exchanged for planes that are either free or drastically cheaper. To maximize the value of your accumulated travel rewards, the procedure involves some organizing, comprehension of particular credit card words, and use of available amenities. Here are the six ways to earning and using credit cards items for free flights with that description in mind. Step 1: Select Your Place and the Month You Want To Travel The first and most important step is selecting your location and carefully planning your travel dates. You need some time to use the credit cards and make the points because you’ll need to make a sizable number of points to cover the cost of the journey. Jeff advises planning your trip at least seven months in advance. Your travel plans will be flexible and effective thanks to this timeframe, which enables you to build up the required reward points and access a wide range of journey options. Step 2: Research FlightsYou can find the best flight prices by planning months in advance, which will help you increase your points. Consider airlines with competitive prices and availability in your area before tailoring your trip research based on your location. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are two excellent choices, but we’ve also had success with other carriers. Find the best rates for your desired quarter using the timeline perspective on airline sites. If your original searches are unsuccessful, think about changing your travel dates or looking into different flights for potential savings. Step 3: Locate a credit card sign-up benefit of at least 50, 00 Details or Miles. These prizes are your solution to free flights. Payouts worth at least 50,000 points or miles should be sought after because they can be used to pay for travel. You can keep an eye out for the most recent credit card offers on reliable websites like or thepointsguy, and apply right away because these offers are frequently in short supply. Earn 60, 000 Premium Miles after making your initial order within the first 90 days if you use a credit card to get started with an Advantage Aviator Mastercard. You can avoid the second checked bag cost on home flights for you and up to four other passengers by waiving the annual fee for the initial year. Chase United Airlines Explorer Card: Spend$ 3, 000 in the first three weeks to receive 60,000 reward yards. On domestic flights for you and a companion, it waives the first year’s annual fee as well as the TSA PreCheck statement credit of up to$ 100. Before making a decision, always take into account the primary sign-up bonus, annual fees, and the reputation of the card issuer. Individually, we look for cards like the two I mentioned above that cancel the annual fee for the first year, but these deals are getting harder to find. The majority of travel rewards cards require an approval score of at least 690, so stage 4 is to maintain or improve your credit score. By obtaining free annual credit information from the three major credit bureaus at, you can maintain a healthy credit report. Regular check-ups ensure that everything is in order and assist you in identifying problems first. In order to avoid paying the monthly payment, Jeff typically cancels the travel rewards credit cards after our trip but before the end of the first year. Your overall credit score wo n’t be significantly affected if you cancel the travel rewards card as long as you have at least one other credit card with a three-year credit history. to learn more about how credit ratings function and to get advice on how to raise yours. Step 5: Find ThatBonusMeeting Your Credit Card Bonus Spending Requirements You You Redirect Your Monthly Expenses To The New Card Acquire making larger payments within the first three months in addition to routine ones. Once more, you should use the cards wisely by avoiding interest payments and paying your balance in full each month. Step 6: Unlock Your PointsAfter receiving your bonus, look into the different redemption options available on your card. The majority of rewards are redeemed straight through your frequent flier profile and the airport’s website, though some cards offer better redemption bonuses when making a reservation through the credit card issuer. Check various dates and journey times when making reservations to get the best price for your items. Next, make sure to make a quick reservation for the planes you’ve selected to get the best deals and travel dates. A Note About International Travel The majority of private flights can be used with this process. Your points can also be used to make global flight reservations, but doing so is more difficult. You can read Jeff’s incredibly brief guide The 15-Minute Guide to Free Flights for more details about international flights as well as some extra advice on how to advance your vacation hacking. Conclusion: Trying out travel hacking can be challenging, but you have everything you need to get started. Your primary free flight is just the beginning. Free planes are completely within your grasp with a little bit of planning, analysis, and proper spending. The best part is that you can maintain doing it; it’s not just a one-time issue. 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