India-Sri Lanka Passenger Ferry Restarted After 40 Years

An India-Sri Lanka passenger ferry service has been inaugurated between Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, India, and Kankesanthurai in Jaffna, Northern Sri Lanka, reviving an ancient sea route.

This initiative aims to strengthen bilateral ties, promote tourism, and enhance people-to-people relations, benefiting local traders on both sides.

The India-Sri Lanka passenger ferry, named ‘Cheriyapani,’ operates one-way tickets priced at approximately Rs 7,670, with a 40 kg baggage allowance per passenger. The journey departs Nagapattinam at 7 am, arriving in Kankesanthurai at 11 am, and the return trip leaves at 1.30 pm, reaching Nagapattinam by 5.30 pm.

The maritime connection between India and Sri Lanka has historical significance, with services like the Indo-Ceylon Express and Dhanushkodi to Talaimannar route, which were disrupted due to the Sri Lankan civil war.

SOURCE: India-Sri Lanka Passenger Ferry Restarted After 40 Years