Maya Train’s second section has been inaugurated. Mexico

Tickets for the train’s new routes are now available for purchase on the official Facebook page Image Tren Maya.

The launch of the first section of the Maya Train has been welcomed to the Yucatan Peninsula. To acquire tickets for the new routes, people can access the Image Tren Maya Facebook page. The inaugural section of the tourist train will operate between Campeche, located on the Gulf of Mexico, and the renowned vacation site of Cancun, Mexico. Ultimately, the Maya Train will connect all the leading tourist spots and ancient ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Back in December, news spread that a touristic train was in the making to get to the resorts and ancient places on the Yucatan Peninsula. At an event on Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the beginning of the Maya Train, or Tren Maya in Spanish. The train line is projected to cost $20 billion, and when finished will span 950 miles. Completion of the project is scheduled for February 2024. Once the train line is finished, the Maya Train will pass through various areas of the Yucatan peninsula. The first part of the voyage-ready train has been constructed. The Maya Train, launched on Friday, has opened a track linking the city of Campeche, located on the Gulf Coast, with the widely-visited tourist destination, Cancun. It is said that this initial part of the railroad is about one third of the entire endeavor. It reportedly takes 5 and a half hours to ride the rail between Campeche and Cancun, at a normal pace of 50 miles an hour.