Seventeen participates in Na Young-seok PD’s newest travel-themed program.

Na Young-seok will be producing a brand new travel entertainment show, ‘NaNaTour with Seventeen’, scheduled for launch on January 5th 2021 on tvN. The program will depict the close relationship of Seventeen, a group established 9 years ago, during their summer in Italy with Na Young-seok, who has decades of travel entertainment experience, as their guide. ‘NaNaTour’ is the follow-up project of ‘Youth Over Flowers’, the series regarded as a game-changer in the field of travel entertainment. Seventeen, known for their electrifying performing abilities in ‘Business Trip Shifooya- Seventeen Edition’, are predicted to work well in conjunction with Na Young-seok PD, as the first trailer and highlights reel are adding to the expectation. [embedded content]. The initial preview video commences with Seventeen members smiling and having a good time in an unfamiliar place. This tour signifies Seventeen’s first venture to Europe since their origin. The members have contrasting approaches to traveling; however, their collaboration is incredibly powerful when it comes to eating. Reports say that Na Young-seok PD was surprised by Seventeen’s hunger, eating all that was given to them quickly. Additionally, ‘NaNaTour’s lengthy game event is set to happen. Seventeen, who each have their own unique views when it comes to playing games, will compete against game specialist Na Young-seok PD. They are planning to spend their day exploring Italy, and the nights dedicated to games, making their Italian experience only 24 hours long, which seems too brief. The upcoming tvN program ‘NaNaTour with Seventeen’ will present six nights and seven days of amusement presented by, geared to, and about the boy band Seventeen. The inaugural episode is set for broadcast on January 5th, 2024, starting at 8:40 PM. Fans can look forward to an itinerary of fun-filled activities that will create healing memories for the group during their hectic schedule.