Regional Virtuoso Awards Honor Travel Specialists

One of Virtuoso’s first quarterly local awards was given to Travel Experts, the top sponsor company with more than 500 advisors in the United States, at 9:00 PM ET on Friday, February 9, 2024. At its U.S. Forum, which was held from January 23 to 25, at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Florida, Virtuoso, the top international system specializing in comfort and experienced travel, unveiled local Viroso Prizes. Based on sales volume and community wedding, Virtuoso partners and members who set the bar high in their respective categories received the accolades. Two of Virtuoso’s five honors for” best producers” went to Travel Authorities, including the award for a U.S. member with the top producing specialty and the honor for an u. s. tour member, respectively. Both of these awards recognize TravelExperts as virtuous members and partners who have the highest overall network income in their respective categories. The awards honor Travel Experts ‘ accomplishments and the price they added to the Network, Virtuoso noted in a press release, acknowledging the host organization’s dedication to exceptional travel experience and adherence to its ethos. Travel Experts were congratulated by Virtuoso and thanked for their important role in the success of the network. Since 1989, Travel Experts has been a leading go design company that only employs the best travel advisors in the field. The most renowned leisure travel officials in the travel industry are still served by Travel Experts, an independently run host agency. Over 35 years have passed since the agency’s founding, and as leader Susan Ferrell puts it,” We are like a rock.” The members of Susan Ferrell’s ( Photo Credit: Travel Experts ) travel experts are seasoned professionals who work as independent contractors and fully support the entrepreneurial spirit of their respective companies. According to Ferrell, members of Travel Experts get to do what they love, sell travel, and keep 100 % of their earnings. To “make life easy,” there are no start-up or exchange fees, just one monthly level payment, and a month-to-month contract. Travel Specialists is glad to be one of Virtuoso’s top producing agencies year after year and is a member of all significant sector organizations. Due to these associations, part travel advisors and their clients can receive special services and resources from Travel Experts. Contact Travel Experts at 212 Sawmill Road, Raleigh, NC 27615 for more information. Call 800-274-2544. Email: info@travelxperts .com. Website: Visit www for more information on Virtuoso’s channel. Subscribe to the regular TravelPulse email for the most recent travel information, updates, and discounts. &# 13,
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