Sheikh Mohamed, the president of the UAE, urges serious research into the UAE’s system following a devastating storm.

The UAE President has also urged everyone who is affected to respond quickly. In a information shared on Wednesday evening, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan reiterated that the country’s top priority is the safety and security of people. The UAE President has ordered a rapid response from the government in the midst of the country’s worst snowfall on record and violent storms to recover the emirate and their occupants. Sheikh Mohamed stated in a message sent by the state news agency, wam, that he has instructed the relevant organizations to immediately assess the state of the UAE’s infrastructure and to reduce the harm brought on by Tuesday’s wretched weather. Sheikh Mohamed added that the people who have been affected by the extreme weather will receive the necessary assistance, and that local officials will attempt to relocate those who are unable to stay in their homes due to property damage. He also expressed his gratitude to the regional and national emergency clubs that helped to ensure the people ‘ safe evacuation across the Emirates. It was described by the UAE ruler, as a showcase of the “spirit of solidarity ” from the UAE community. On Wednesday, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior announced that the terrible weather was behind us, but a clean-up functioning remains across the country. Two days later, the upheaval is still ongoing: public offices are closed and the private sector is encouraged to work mildly, many airlines have been canceled, and thousands of people are struggling with the loss of houses and vehicles.