Watch from the Wing: 5 Travel Questions You’ve Perhaps Not Thought Of

Items that elicit a chuckle.
Why can I maintain the Starbucks latte I brought on board myself while flight attendants must pick up the mugs they serve drinks in before flight?
Why do Delta, United, and National call those items “miles” if they award points as a three of the amount paid for your passport?

Why are liquids thrown up in a bucket next to the security checkpoint if they are so dangerous, rather than being handled by the biohazard team?
Why do n’t airlines, which base their elite status on revenue, give credit for tickets that are bought but not used?
Why are ALL of a car’s keys required to be cabled along by hire car companies? If you lose one major in this manner, you also lose all of them. These are specifically supposed to fit in whose wallet.
Why do we push on interstates and park in roadways? I might as well put, echoing Gallagher.
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