What is the distinctive fire defense system that Notre Dame has implemented?

Our Lady of Paris (Notre Dame) is looking at a December 2024 reopen date after sustaining considerable destruction from a fire in 2019. Repairs are currently being undertaken. global)

It has been announced that Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is slated to open again in 2023. The individual in charge of the group working towards rebuilding Notre Dame revealed their plan to install a special fire safety system before the cathedral is ready to open next year. Philippe Jost, head of the Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris organization, informed a legislative commission that they had taken all possible precautions to thoroughly revise their fire safety measures. A unique vaporization system is going to be set up beneath the roof and spire of Notre Dame, which is planned to rapidly contain any fires that might arise, making it a cutting edge form of security for French churches, as a report from Jost, the overseeing body, states. President Emmanuel Macron stated that Notre Dame would be back in use by December of 2024, keeping in line with the Paris Olympics deadline of the same year. He had previously aimed to finish the restoration within a span of five years. President Macron reassessed the timeline of the rebuilding effort after dealing with initial difficulties. Rehabilitating the Notre Dame since it was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which had already drawn in 12 million visitors a year, has faced varied troubles after the public watched in despair as the spire plummeted in the blaze of April 15, 2019.