National Airport at Clinton National Airport getting ready for active Memorial Day vacation

by: Miriam Battles

Posted: May 22, 2024 / 12: 49 PM CDT

Updated: May 22, 2024 / 01: 02 PM CDT


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. As the unofficial start of summer draws to a close, journey is expected to increase at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.
Almost 30 000 people are scheduled to leave Little Rock Airport on Memorial Day, according to airports officers, which is a 14 % increase over the previous year.
Memorial Day events in northern Arkansas
Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24, are expected to be the busiest times, airports authorities said.
Airport officials gave aircraft officers the following advice to assist travelers get ready for the influx of guests:
Fly two hours before the scheduled departure time to allow yourself enough time to check in and find parking.
If you carry a weapons, it must be moved, locked in a tough- sided situation, secured in a checked bag and decaled to the airport
Pack in a bag that is clear to prevent TSA from bringing prohibited items through.
Have your ID ready to show at the safety station
TSA PreCheck people are reminded by aircraft staff to check if their Known Traveler Number is included in their reservations.
Notice when to travel on Memorial Day for the AAA to anticipate breaking records.
For more information on the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport and to verify airlines, visit

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