OneBefore launch travel insurance item on Aneevo’s dealer program

Reinsurance NewsSpecialist managing general agent ( MGA ) OneBefore has launched its travel insurance product,” Bypassing Travel Insurance,” on Aneevo, the distribution platform for travel insurance brokers that was formerly known as Just Travel Cover wholesale. Beyond Travel Insurance is beneficial for UK residents because it provides complete protection for both domestic and international travel, including coverage for pre-existing medical conditions while traveling abroad and for conditions awaiting treatment or analysis. Partnering with Aneevo, Vered Lobel, CEO of OneBefore noted, facilitates the moment and mass supply of OneBefore’s innovative product to thousands of English insurance broker. We think Beyond Travel Insurance provides these agents with a high-quality solution to enhance their offerings to their customers, he added. This quick start is now available, and it was made possible by the OneBefore and Aneevo team ‘ collaborative efforts. We’re delighted to get partnering with OneBefore and adding a fresh employer to our board, said Daley Gore, Managing Director of Aneevo. Reinsurance News ‘ new scheme is available to all of our agent lovers, placing them in a strong place ahead of the busiest summertime to accommodate for more risks and offer their clients a wider range of products.