Italy in 10 Selfies


Data is selected from the main reports of the Symbola Foundation and from those of a selected network of associative partners. The dossier is produced in collaboration with Unioncamere and Assocamerestero, with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and many partners.

The report has already been translated into seven languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic) and distributed internationally by the network of Italian embassies abroad and by the network of foreign chambers of commerce which will expand reference the contents of the work.

“You don’t understand Italy and the trend of its economy, the strength of Made in Italy that sometimes surprises, if, in addition to seeing its defects, its strengths are not understood. Our country,” declares Ermete Realacci, president of the Symbola Foundation, “gives its best when it crosses its ancient chromosomes with an all-Italian way of doing economy: which combines innovation and tradition, social cohesion, new technologies and beauty, the ability to speak to the world without losing ties with territories and communities, sustainability, production flexibility, competitiveness.

“The 10 selfies are a story that wants to be a reminder and an agenda. There is a lot to do but we can start from here to face not only our ancient ills but the future and the challenges it poses to us. We can do it within Europe has a mission with the Next Generation EU to respond to crises by keeping together cohesion, green and digital transition.

“We must do this by strengthening a weakened path of cooperation and peace in the world. To build together, without leaving anyone behind, without leaving anyone alone, a safer, more civilized, kinder world as written in the Assisi manifesto” (which says: ‘Facing the climate crisis with courage is not only necessary but represents a great opportunity to make our economy and our society more human-friendly and therefore more capable of a future).

“And Italy in 10 selfies turns the spotlight on the strengths of our country that not everyone knows: Italy is the European country with the highest recycling rate out of total special and urban waste (83.4%), a value higher than the European average (53.8%) and then that of Germany (70%), France (64.5%) and Spain (65.3%).

“A result that determines an annual reduction in emissions of 23 million tons of oil equivalent and 63 million tons of CO2 equivalent. We are leaders in productivity in the use of raw materials with a score of 274 points out of 300, a figure higher than the average EU (147 points) and that of Germany (167), France (162), Spain (131)

“Italy is the largest operator in the world in renewables. In fact, ENEL is the first private electricity company with managed capacity. 531,000 Italian companies have invested in green products and technologies over the last five years.

“They are the ones that innovate the most, export the most, and produce the most jobs. Italy is the first exporter in the EU and the second in the world, after China (€347 billion), of Textile, Fashion,  and Accessory (TMA) products, with an export value of €66.6 billion. first in Europe for turnover in the design sector with € 4.15 billion (19.9% of the EU total).

“We are first in the world for the balance of trade in the nautical shipbuilding sector: a value of 3.1 billion with approximately 50% of orders for yachts Italy confirms its world leadership in wine production in 2021 (50.2 min hl), ahead of France (37.6) and Spain (35.3) Italy is first in the world for export value of professional appliances and devices for the preparation of hot drinks, starting with coffee, or for cooking or heating food.”