Sabre & Plan3 Provide Airlines with Holistic Disruption Managemen …

by: Harry Johnson |

Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced a new agreement with automated airline disruption management solution Plan3 to enable airlines to be more proactive when disruption strikes.

The new alliance will allow Plan3 to draw upon Sabre’s extensive industry reach and deep domain knowledge in airline technology to help accelerate the adoption of its service, while enabling Sabre to quickly deliver a holistic approach to passenger disruption for its airline partners. Plan3 will link via APIs and web services to augment native irregular operations and schedule change options available through an airline’s Passenger Service System (PSS).

“We’ve all seen, and many of us have experienced first-hand, increased disruption in this post-pandemic recovery era, so it’s more important than ever that airlines have an intuitive passenger disruption management tool that can enhance customer satisfaction, maximize operational efficiencies, and reduce recovery costs,” said Sveinn Akerlie, Plan3. “We’re incredibly excited to be working with Sabre to help more airlines globally optimize their approach to disruption management across the entire passenger journey.”

Plan3 is a unique solution in the disruption management space. Utilizing powerful automation, the tool enables airlines to respond to thousands of unique passenger disruptions at once. Its unique ‘issues dashboard’ allows airlines to monitor and react to the disruption status of passengers at an individual level, flagging any travelers that will experience issues due to a disruption event. Designed for the travel recovery era, with no significant upfront investment or deep system integration required to get started, Plan3 is PSS agnostic and content provider agnostic, meaning it can complement Sabre’s own ecosystems and product offerings, as well as being used by airlines on other systems. Their smart reaccommodation solution is ideal for retail-focused airlines who offer customers various ancillaries through third-party partners. Plan3 holistically looks at the customer’s entire journey to make rebooking recommendations across flight, hotel, car, and more.

Using Plan3’s ‘option creator tool’, airlines create holistic ‘option packages’ containing new flight options, as well as hotel rooms, meal vouchers, ground transportation and gift cards. Option packages are then sent to the passenger for them to make their preferred selection, directly from their personal device. The entire flow can be fully automated from templates, enabling airlines to respond to even the most complex of issues within just a few minutes.

“Speed and agility are of the utmost importance in today’s dynamic global travel marketplace, and this new relationship is another steppingstone in Sabre’s strategy to accelerate change through alliances to offer rapid innovation for our travel partners,” said Mike Barrera, VP Product Management, Sabre.

“One of the challenges of disruption recovery is to ensure that the entire traveler journey is considered, from flights, to hotels, to pre-booked ancillaries such as in-flight meals. Plan3 provides depth and breadth of inventory, as an agnostic aggregator of disruption-related content to bring greater choices to passengers. We look forward to working with Plan3 to offer an intelligent solution for airlines and passengers alike, while expanding our product ecosystem with an easy-to-implement, passenger-first solution.”

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